Thursday, 21 May 2015

Thank you for being my great bones!

I really thanked to my mom for the introduction which I have been fonded of the white milk one. But I would love to try this delicious chocolate pack, why not?

It is not that cheap but quality one.


It is very important when it comes to our body,
where our body need good fit and being strong all time.
So it is very good quality!

Yeah I received this good parcel, thank you Anlene!
Love this delicious Choc packs all of 3!
Your bones play a crucial role to support your freedom of movement. Keep them strong, dense and healthy.

You will feel more fit, active and enjoying life to the fullest.

This drink are so tasty which it is formulated with a special FOS-Inulin mixture and increased Vitamin D. Your body will be able to absorb more calcium for stronger bones.

They are a bundle of important nutrients for bone health :


Is it so good for you to build a health family with your loves one?

Start now with only at Anlene!

Drink Anlene daily, move more and sit less