Friday, 8 May 2015

A Awesome of Exclusive Evening Night
an invitation
-TheCo.KL, Malaysia-

P1 Online Media Associates (OMA)

Thanks to P1Online Media Associates who has invited my man and me on last Thursday, 30th April 2015 to The Co.KL, which is, locates at Jalan Doraisamy, Kuala Lumpur. I was confused about the venue, which I mean I do not know much about the new place. Thus, I recalled back reading they last emailed me. When I was about to arrive the place, I text to Selina, my friend about the venue. She has explained me it is the right place area. I was kind out of puzzled. Then she told me, the place is known as Asian Heritage Row area. No wonder, it is a new urban rich with its own unique designs that will fascinate you so much which is quite popular next to the new shopping mall, Quill. One of the coolest in town!

Then I have entered The COKL and the P1 staffs have welcomed me so friendly. They presented me with their giveaway P1 bag and sticker names to tag on my blouse shirt. There I saw my friend, Selina with her family so awesome to do it together. Congrats to Selina’s mother who is now a full time blogger. And hope it goes well for her and she is enjoying the life as a new blogger. A few minutes later, I was informed to have some light meals of the evening. The food and drink are neat and cool in great decorations according to their creative. It was an amazing exclusive evening event I have ever attended! The tables and chairs are so beautiful with their lovely clothes in colors that bring everyone mode on so exciting. A good event to meet up all people of all the different walks of lives. The next to our tables, there are so lovely of many large beanie bags in many colors to our every smile in sharing of the moment with the P1.

Good food to taste!
Sweet Mini Cupcakes
Cool Drinks to Try

I tried all the food that they specially bringing in from several of brand new food & beverage companies. They are MyBurgerLab, TappingTapir, Brewmen Coffee, Redbull, and TheGeekyCaterer. They tasted so deliciously. Thanked to the each company for us to try. We enjoyed talking to each other.

Night Fun 
Then there was an announcement by P1 to have some fun. We were told to take welfie shoot photos together and tag P1 hashtag, #p1omanite who finish fast, they win. But it was unfortunate for me as my phone battery was running out, sob sob. 

The 10 Winners, congrats!
Those 10 winners got their favorite gifts from IKEA, what a good thing to have for the night. Congratulations to them. 

Mr. Shu Wei, the P1 CMO
Next, we were sitting on our lovely beanie bags to listen to our P1 CMO, Shu Wei who gave a good speech on the behalf of the company. Shu Wei hopes in future, P1 will gives the best to provide the newest and fastest wireless internet modem to enable us to reach out the social media networks in good advance technology like others. It is proven that P1 wants no much different from others and be the first advance technology to access for all. What a good thing to share with us every blogger. 

Ms.Selina and I
Our group
Later on, we were divided into several groups to do the good activity that organized by P1 team. There were 5 questions we in each 1 group to give and share our ideas on the A3 paper with colorful marker pens. Thanks to our group who introduced by ourselves before processing in together. Good credit goes to Selina’s sister, Jocelyn and Selina to give the speech on the behalf of our group. Our ideas are good in accepting by the P1 team. In a such good to end the event with the lovely night and I hope in future I will see more events to organize by the P1 again together with the wonderful bloggers.

 Before my last view of the place, I was pondering by one of the P1 staff who was asking to have an interview with me. And I said we both need communication on papers for knowing I am a Deaf person. Luckily he is good in understanding my condition; he will provide me another way for the interview online. What a good thing man!

I love the new place event and hoping to get more new experiences of being a staff in the industry of social media network in future. Moreover, Deaf people are encouraged to join in such kind of events as blogger, they can learn many things from both best of worlds.

Many thanks to P1 and P1OmaNite for the great awesomeness evening time to end the month of April, which is following the 5 days of good public holidays to spend!