Saturday, 9 May 2015

Welcome to my May new plan of the month! 

1st of May to enlighten my day with the simplify life. It is a labor day for all workers. To begin my new gear up. Guess what it is…?

2nd of May

My beautiful cuzzie/sista and her husband
A & A
         Early morning has woke me up I got an important call from a far > Australia < an eventful special day of my lovely cuzzie/sista to wed to her sweetheart Malay modern boy. An exciting to see the “Live of their wedding” online arrangement by close family and friends. A good gathering of us close family from a far, US; Shanghai; Penang and KL to witness them. But due to the bad disconnect line; I was not being able to see the video. And we were more surprised and merely joys to see their wonderful amazing photos are taken by many over there.
         Later in the noontime, my man took me to the hearing center where I collected up my right new hearing aid is sent from the US. It is absolutely a brand new hearing aid. And of course, my left hearing aid has replaced a new tube. What a day to fill my good day, I am able to hear the sounds again after having a bad silence over the few months ago I have desperate so much. A Burger King to feed up my late lunch.
         I have had so much fun to swim in the late evening to dip in the water. It has been long since I had my last swim. It was a great day to end up by eating a good Assam Laksa my night diner with my love and friend.

3rd of May

My Delish Breakfast
My lovely Yogurt Watermelon
My Workout Day

Tune Hotel Reception Counter
Cool Design

Cute Design

-          A lovely English breakfast I made in the morning to spend with my love on the public holiday of Wesak Day.
-          A good day to have my workout in the gym and I am feeling so much good. Thanks to my body diet plan, which I just had a slight of short pain to swipe off away fast. Knowing exercise up is a good to build a healthy body. A long hours during the afternoon I have spent my workout + walking with my love and friend. It is amazed I have done the workout and I love to do more.  Hoping to maintain it for more. Yeah I am very much for the push up.
-          Again had economy rice for my late lunch.
-          Was rush to home and get shower to be done. Ready to pick up my friend for his flight home. Guess what it is again…? A disaster day for me. Supposed to send off the friend and he has missed his flight, oh no! I am left with fewer choices to be made. Seeking for any help around. Luckily my brother in law’s girlfriend was there on duty as a AirAsia staff and I was seeking for her help if possible. And she has checked in with her colleague for my friend and too bad my friend cannot make it home. I was told that my friend has to pay for the next flight home, argh! And then with left no choice, he has to pay for the next flight home and end up booking up an overnight hotel stay at front Tune hotel that is just opposite the airport. So we all stuck there in the whole night and I was tirelessly and having legs sore all the way up and down between the KLIA2 and Tune HotelThanks to my friend who has treated me nicely for the good sleep and I can lay my legs on the best soft bed ever! Slept soundly.

4th of May
-          The next morning my husband and I have finally can get home after our crazy workout 1 day + walking up and down at KLIA2, ha ha! Really crazy, ugh? And thanked to my mother in law has cooked a very delish homemade late lunch; a bit spicy sweet of mutton, mutton curry and Indian vegetable. I love it so much! A very appetizing of the day! A token of appreciation day off instead of the replacement day. Yeah!

What a good expensive holidays I have spent during the 5 days off away from the stresses of road jams, late for work, busy routines and much more. Thanked to Malaysia for the good longer holidays to relieve my craziness ups and downs over the few months ago.  Looking forward to more longer holidays the next one.