Thursday, 16 July 2015

Cafe 9
(A Taste of Thai)
food review

Many would love to travel to Thailand, especially our local Malaysians for its a famous shopping haven, massage and of course the Thai cuisine. The taste of Thai cuisine is relatively fit to Malaysian people taste. Hence, most of the Malaysian tend to love Thai cuisine. 

The beautiful ambiance in the cafe

Cafe 9, a Thai cafe established by 9 family members. 9 in Chinese perspective means 'Forever'. The boss of Cafe 9 hopes to continuously serve their customer the best forever, as customer satisfaction is always the first priority of this cafe. Moreover, numbers is always more easy to remember than other words, the boss of Cafe 9 hope to give customer to easily remember them when they think of consuming Thai cuisine. 

One of the signature dishes of Cafe 9 would be Prawn Cake. The ingredients are relatively fresh and you may experience that is crispy outside, and the softness inside. The prawn cake will only be prepared after you place your order; hence it is fresh and might need a short period of time to prepare before it served. It is definitely worth for waiting. 

Cafe 9 will ensure the quality of every dish before they serve the food to its customer. In addition, the portions are relatively big. In short, Cafe 9 not only provides you with quality food, but also quantity.

Tom Yam Sup
The big prawn, nom-nom

Tom Yam Sup 
(you can choose the soup in red or clear)
Only Prawn > RM25.90 (R) ; RM45.90 (L)
Seafood > RM25.90 (R) ; RM45.90 (L)
Regular is for 2-4 pax , Large is for 5-8 pax

Massaman Curry Chicken
Massaman Curry Chicken
served with less sauce but packs a powerful flavor and can be tuned to be an ultimate spicy curry

Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings

 Thai Style Fried Chicken Wings

Thai Prawn Cake

Thai Prawn Cakes (House Special) 

Dancing Fish

Dancing Fish
deep fried fish with meat cut to bit size serving in 2 sizes
small for 4 pax ; RM44.90
large for 6-8 pax ; RM49.90

Thai Otak-Otak

Thai Otak-Otak (Hor Mok)
a seafood combo served with sweet fresh coconut fresh

Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawns

Thai Style Claypot Glass Noodle with Prawns

Broccoli served in signature egg sauce

Broccoli served in Signature Egg Sauce 

Fish Cake

Fish Cake

Chicken Fried Rice

Chicken Fried Rice 

The love for Thai cuisine
There is no service tax & GST. 
You will be able to enjoy the good food on Thai to love!

The location
No. 27, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hours
Wednesday - Sunday
11.00a.m. until 10.00p.m.
(closed on Tuesday)