Monday, 6 July 2015


What is Pelicana Chicken? It is a Korean fried chicken fast food franchise. I am given a food review at Pelicana Chicken Malaysia at E-Curve Mall, Mutiara Damansara, Petaling Jaya recently.

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A popular Korean Drama, “He Who Came From The Star” is welcoming you here to taste their super delicious spiciness chicken! 

This newly open restaurant, Pelicana has many to offer you will amaze everything greatly!

My Deaf bloggers and I together with our few partners are invited to the Pelicana for the food review and truly appreciated a nice dining table Tommy has prepared for us to dine in on the comfort sofas. It was also Ramadan feast to celebrate with other Muslim bloggers.

I wonder what is so special about Pelicana that serves Korean Fried Chicken. I thought they all are chicken to eat only, they are probably same with KFC. However I am wrong. There are 5 flavour of chickens from mild to spicy types. They get me winglet and drumstick chickens. I love drumsticks. It's scrumptious to taste in that way. 

Colourful Menu Signboards

Korean Fragrant, it is black sesame seaweed rice. It is so good to taste in your mouth because they are not dry but good dish to eat with Korean healthy dishes. The price is only RM4.50.

This is Miyeok Muchim, a seaweed salad. Serves cold dish and you will gonna to love it because it is healthy. RM 4.50 per pc.

 This is Musaengchae, a seasoned radish. Remind me of Kim Chi and it does feel bitter bit. RM4.50 per pc.

The restaurant is designed in a simple uniquely of Korean style
Peli Crunchy Chicken (Original Crunchy) 12pcs RM56.60
Firstly, we saw a big plate with the full of Peli Crunchy Chicken (original crunchy), first one of the kind is on the table with its 2 beautiful small cute designed pack of Yellow Sauce. You maybe look they are dry but actually they are not. They are tasteful and crispy to eat when you dip it with the Yellow Sauce. I love the Yellow Sauce because its sauce is so good for the chicken. Its so appetizing well. Trust me this!

Originial Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken 14pcs (RM32.90)
The second is Originial Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken comes with its sweet flavored red in color and it is much sweeter. They are flavoured with sweet soy sauce and white sesame. A begin to taste the chicken in the first place would be highly recommended for you. 

Spring Onion Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken 14pcs (RM32.90)
The third is Spring Onion Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken, which has the wasabi and honey tasty. It was not so bad for those wasabi lovers. A good one too.

Charcoal BBQ Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken 14pcs (RM32.90)
The forth is Charcoal BBQ Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken bring its sweet with the bit of spicy and it matches me well and I love it. The BBQ sauce is quite delicious. A good recommended for sweet & spicy lover.
Hot Spice Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken 14pcs (RM32.90)
The last, fifth is Hot Spice Peli Yang Nyeon Chicken brings me the spiciness out the fiery in my mouth! It has good flavored seasoned taste which I can feel the sweet and spicy at the same time. Who loves spicy, will be definitely go for it.  

Maracuja Pineapple Mocktail (RM8.50)
I had this drink, it is a good to soothe my thirsty. There are lists to recommended mocktails series for you to choose from below.

Mocktails Series:
Maracuja Pineapple
Passion Fruit Peach
Forest Maracuja
Apple Maracuja
Apple Rose
(RM8.50 each)

Pelicana does offer you the Ramadan Platters Special for 4 pax (Platter A) - 6 pax (Platter B). Platter A : RM66.90 and Platter B : 98.90. Save up to 33%! The promo is still on-going. Grab this special Iftar time with your loves one!

Another I ordered smoothies drink for myself. A Caramelized Apple Peach Yogurt I have always loved and yogurt is a must for me. Caramelized Apple Peach Yogurt brings its good smoothies blend up so well decorated with its mint leave. 

Caramlised Apple Peach Yogurt (RM10.90)
The tasty is so good yet sweet. My throat does not dry all the way eating the super spicy of Pelicana Chicken.

Smoothies series:
Fruit Fruit Yogurt
Pinapple Maracuja Yogurt
Caramlised Apple Peach Yogurt
Pine Colada (pineapple coconut)
RM10.90 each

Well, other 2 burgers I have tasted are Peli Jumbo Fillet Burger and Peli D’Fish Burger. They both are so good to eat with special burger having its few layers of good cheese, vegetables and soft fried Fillet Fish and Chicken too. The sauce is good to slurp in deliciously! Good recommended for kids.

Peli Jumbo Fillet Burger (RM15.50)
Peli Spicy D'Fish Burger (RM13.90)

The burgers are good to eat the fried softly in addition with cheese with more of french fries.
Peli Spicy D’ Fish Burger also available in not spicy version is Peli D’ Fish Burger.

Lastly, I am having had a special Affogato solo which it contains pure coffee and vanilla ice cream in a cute small cup. The coffee is too bitter and sour however with the help to taste the vanilla with coffee your tongue will feel much better, the more you will love the cream much inside.       
Affogato solo (RM7.90)

A real well appetizing and pleasant serve dinner there, I have enjoyed it much indeed. Thanks so much to Tommy for having my partner and me myself all over to feel the truly Korean cuisine.

Everyone should try this Pelicana with your loves one and family. Do invite friends over more! They are far much better than KFC. Pelicana, the best Korean Gourmet Chicken brings you a lot of good food balance unlike the fast foods one. I am sure you will be quite satisfied with their special offer menu.  

Here you may go for a food list location:

E-Curve Mall (Next to IKEA)
Level 1, Lot 1-43, Mutiara Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Facebook : Pelicana Chicken Malaysia
Twitter/ IG : @pelicanamy