Friday, 14 August 2015

A short day trip to Ipoh

I miss going back to the north, where my hometown is – Penang. But it was not. It is IPOH.

So I have arrived Ipoh with my man in the late evening and later meet up with the family there. We have rented a homestay at a quite nice house. It is a double-storey house that it costs only RM320k. Quite cheap for spacious and clean house here. I love it. Thanked to the homestay owner for providing good services such as TV Channel Astro, fridge, hot shower in bathrooms, air-conditions ; fans in all rooms, bedrooms function with newly cupboards, table desks, blankets and of course the house is with good care having a security guard. It's only RM 350 per night, cheap right? 

Then later we all were having had dinner at the old famous street food hawker stalls where the famous SMJK Sam Tet Chinese School is just at the opposite locates at Church Street (Off Jalan Sultan Idris Shah). The street food stays up until late midnight. They serve many kind of good food that is quite enough to offer you. It is still quite popular until today. My man and I, myself have craved for Ipoh Heavenly Foodie so much and we quickly went to order our food and desserts! I have always loved of quail eggs and I had Leng Chee Kang dessert, which is a must to serve me when I stop by in Ipoh to drink it. And Leng Chee Kang dessert has its special of having a quail egg inside, a bit weirdo for me to eat it with dried longans, white fungus and gingko seeds icily. It is mildly sweet, recommended to try.
The Ipoh Koay Teow Soup is really a simple delish big per bowl to slurp in the flavor sweet of soup with its pork fish balls to eat. So I took out the quail egg from the Leng Chee Kang dessert to add into my Ipoh Koay Teow Soup to have its hot boil inside the quail egg. In end, it was apparently delicious eating together well. I like this new idea in making food.

The next day, I was like end up in the early noon another craved for foodie. So both of us have went to the Ipoh town to find out we have missed previously in our visits. There this time we wont miss out the famous Ipoh Restoran Onn Kee (Tauge Ayam). You may see this we have had for lunch. White Steam Chicken garnished with green onions on top added its soy sauce, sticky good of Char Siew, bean sprouts with its soy sauce to serve with white Koay Teow noodle soup. A bit little surprised to me as I have not familiar the way in which they have serve this famous Ipoh dish. I wondered how I was going to eat in this way. As usually, I will have the rice to eat with. So I eat all in 1 step and finding it has a really good appetizing lunch of my day. And you know now why it is called “Tauge Ayam”. It is quite pricey for 2 pax that costs us RM36 includes GST. Oh no! In a better way to taste it, I suggest for a group pax sharing, everything would not be expensive then. You can have 2 options to have either rice or noodle soup to serve with the steamed chicken bean sprouts together. 

Restoran Onn Kee
48, Jln Yau Tet Shin