Thursday, 13 August 2015

Beauty SkinCare Review

Thank you SkinSoul for the special review session to unveil the secret beauty.

C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar
For Youthful & Radiant Skin

No artificial colours
Flavours or preservatives

Do you know what collagen will bring to you?
Collagen is a protein that is the principal constituent of fibrous connective tissues, found in skin, bones and cartilage. In nature, it is found exclusively in animals, representing 30% of animal protein matter. Collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of the skin, bone and cartilage. There are various types of collagen that are found in specific places in body.

The molecular weight affects the absorption of the collagen. Collagen usually has a molecular weight of more than 300,000 Da and molecules with more than 20,000 Da cannot be absorbed by the cells and utilized by the body efficiently. C-Jello has a molecular weight of 500 to 3000 Da therefore, making it a highly absorbable collagen substance.

The origin and source of the collagen determines the purify of our product and reduces the risk of contamination. Our manufacturer’s experience also plays an important role in ensuring the standards of our products and nutritional value of the collagen is preserved and enhanced during this process. C-Jello collagen jelly is made from wild caught deep ocean fishes as cod, haddock and Pollock. Contains no growth hormones or antibiotics. A better alternative compared to collagen products typically made from farm raised animals.

C-Jello contains Type I Collagen which is highly beneficial for the skin. Type I Collagen does not burn fat. Instead, they can assist the body in building muscles by using the excess calories in the body. The theory is if collagen protein nourishes the muscles, those nourished muscles will burn off the excess calories in your body. Type I Collagen is found mainly in the skin, tendons and muscles. It helps to speed up healing of muscular and joint pain. In order totally support and treat arthritis and the joints. Type II Collagen is more appropriate.


How its effectives to you?
Ø      Fine lines and wrinkles
Ø      Skin lacks firmness
Ø      Breast sagginess
Ø      Muscle soreness
Ø      Joint and muscular stiffness
Ø      Delayed wound healing
Ø      Frequent fatigueness
Ø      Brittle nails
Ø      Hair loss and dryness

Ø      German Fish Collagen (Hydrolysed Collagen)
Ø      Artichoke Extract (Cynara Scolymus Leaf Extract)
Ø      Mulberry Extract (Morus
Ø      Alba Leaf Extract)
Ø      Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
Ø      Rice Bran Extract (Oryza Sativa Bran Oil)
Ø      Gardenia Yellow (Gardenia Jasminoides Fruit Extract)
Ø      Hyaluronic Acid Mixture (Sodium Hyaluronate)
Ø      Purified Water (Aqua)
Ø      Locust Bean Gum (Ceratonia Siliqua Gum)
Ø      Carrageenan Gum (Carrageenan)
Ø      Anhydrous Citric Acid (Citric Acid)
Ø      Xanthan Gum
Ø      Fructooligosacccharides
Ø      Crystalline Fructose (Fructose)
Ø      Sodium Citrate
Ø      Pear Concentrate (Pyrus Pyrifolia Fruit Extract)
Ø      Peach Concentrate (Prunus Persica Fruit Extract)
Ø      Melon Concentrate (Cucumis Melo Fruit Extract)

18 Age fighting benefits of C-Jello has been proven!
1.      Aids in digestion
2.      Attenuates dark spots
3.      Brightens skin
4.      Binds moisture & enhances skin’s hydration level
5.      Boosts immune system
6.      Boosts energy production
7.      Delay the ageing process
8.      Excellent skin whitening effect
9.      Inhibits melanin production
10.  Low in calories, high in essential nutrients and vitamins
11.  Promotes skin firmness & youthfulness
12.  Promotes healthier joints & ligaments
13.  Promotes healthier hair & stronger nails
14.  Reduction of fine lines & wrinkles
15.  Rich I peptides and antioxidants, anti-carcinogen
16.  Reduce calcium loss
17.  Stimulates collagen synthesis
18.  Overall health improvement

C-Jello is a approximately 26.5 kcal per sachet vs. a can of soda which is 110 kcal per can (250ml). It would be difficult to gain weight if the recommended dosage is allowed.

C-Jello can assist in minimizing the appearance of micro wrinkles fairly immediately. For deeper wrinkles, we recommend a 12 weeks program of regular consumption of SkinSoul C-Jello for best result.

Of course, it contains mainly amino acids, which improves mitochondria function. This function hence replenishes the depleted protein after an intense workout.

C-Jello is safe to eat and it contains more than 18essential ingredients, which benefits both mother and baby. It is even safer to eat because the sweetness is from natural ingredients that are lower than an apple. It is also suitable for a diabetic patient to get consume C-Jello.

Hydrolysed collagen is water-soluble therefore can be easily absorbed by the body. If you consume an excess amount of C-Jello, the body will excrete the excess. You will not suffer from an overdose.

-Made in Korea-
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