Thursday, 13 August 2015

Beauty SkinCare Review


Introducing you this SkinSoul product

Thank you SkinSoul for the special review session to unveil the secret beauty in a woman. I do not really know this new brand itself much. I am much lucky enough to ask for the good information on this brand. This SkinSoul is an international brand.

We as women nowadays love to look beautiful and young all time. As we know our skins are exposure to pollutants, stress, the dehydrating effects of air-conditioning, the harsh effects of the sun, and even the makeup we apply daily can drain our skin of its soul, leaving our skins dry, dull, patchy and lacking in elasticity which making it looked aged and unattractive.

The only true way to restore our skin’s beautiful, youthful radiance is to directly feed our skin’s soul with the best nourishment that the miracles of nature have to offer, and this is where SkinSoul comes in.

I believe that skin has its own life force. Its own soul that radiates with natural beauty and youthful glow when properly nourished and taken care of. Only at SkinSoul!

SkinSoull was developed by its founder, Dr Joanne Au Yong, to be kind to the most sensitive skin while restoring our skin’s soul through the miraculous powers of nature. Which is why we can trust their skincare and makeup range to always be free from any ingredients that is dangerous for our health.

What it is so special? It has formulated with Swiss Glacier Water with 4.4.3
4 Essential Oils .  4 Antioxidant . 3 Hydrating & Soothing Ingredients

How it can be done so? Removing pore-clogging impurities and stubborn waterproof make-up, dirt and grime in Just 1 SIMPLE Step right away without irritation.

Now I am bringing you women today of my close-up of experiment using this SkinSoul Ultra Soft-Facial Towelettes/Clinical Wipes.

The SkinSoul Ultra Soft-Facial Towelettes is good to feel and long towel to use all over my face.

 My make-up demo you can see I simply applied to my face.

 I wiped off my lipstick off right away with just SkinSoul Ultra Soft-Facial Towelettes. My lip is so clean and fresh without feeling any dryness on.

SkinSoul Ultra Soft-Facial Towelettes has removed my colour eyeshadow easily without feeling any pain and fast.

My skin is perfectly cleansed and refreshed without heavy residue and make-up stain or over drying my face. It gives me a perfect and yet subtle skin, takes off everything in one swoop. I enjoy the comfort in knowing that my face skin is completely free of make-up before my face hits the pillow.

Wow, it has 60 pieces inside and that is quite a lot. I love this pack. I do not need to buy make-up remover bottle and it has no paraben free most of them. I love using this SkinSoul Ultra Soft-Facial Towelettes (RM56) because it has ALL in 1 just Simple Wipe, saves my time and cost.! My skin is definitely perfect for this, as my skin needs it - Swiss Glacier Water. Good for all skin type.

-No Artificial Perfume, Colour, Harsh Chemicals are added and Paraben Free-

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What makes a Facial Towelettes “BEST EVER” and “AN ALL-TIME FAVOURITE”?
  1. It takes off everything in one swoop includes waterproof mascara and stubborn make-up.
  2. It would not clog your pores.
  3. It would not leave make-up residue on your beloved pillowcase.
  4. It does not irritate your skin or eyes.
  5. Good for acne-prone and ultra sensitive skin; Friendly to all skin type.
  6. Not harsh or over-drying your skin.
  7. Not Greasy, not oily, not soapy and it does not stingy.
  8. Skin is fresh, cleansed, hydrated, calmed, smoothed, lifting and moisture after used.
  9. No Artificial Perfume, Colour, Harsh Chemicals are added and Paraben and lanolin FREE.
  10. It is simple, easy to and convenient to use just in 1 Simple wipe!
SkinSoul Ultra Soft-Facial Towelettes has it all!
+603-5201 9299 (SkinSoul MidValley)