Friday, 24 June 2016

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
"Revolutionising Health"


500ml per bottle
I am glad to introduce you this one of the finest quality product.
This EVCOnutrition is now entering the market in Malaysia where we everyone can look much healthier and better.

Read the details on flyer, you will get a better understanding.

EVCOnutrition has many good benefits to our health.

Improved centrifugal method.
No chemical solvents. Unrefined.
100% zero heat.
It is product of Indonesia.

the Front
the Back


What we can have this EVCOnutrition?
For Consuming
>Add this (Rass&Rosh) premium coconut oil into any beverage "coffee,tea, juices, cereals/oatmeal" or simply consume by the spoonful.

In Cooking
> Include in your every recipe - bake, saute, stir-fry, air-fry, sprinkle in onto your barbequed dishes or simply use is as a salad dressing

Oil Pulling
> Upon waking first thing in the morning, take 2 tablespoonful of this coconut oil, and start swishing and squishing the oil in your mouth with a slight gargle for 10-20 minutes before expelling it from your mouth. And you are closer to healthier teeth, gum and fresher breath!

Apply it as a nourishing moisturizer for all skin types, scalp and hair. Works great as a sunblock.

What is Centrifugal Method?

The process adopted by Rass&Rosh is the "Improved Centrifugal Method", which uses absolutely no heat in any stage of the process. This process utilizes the most advanced machines to meet the strict standard of extracting the purest Virgin Coconut Oil. 

This method we use simply extracts the oil out of the meat and milk within 2 hours of opening the nuts. The oil is only called "virgin" when it has gone through zero to very little processing.

Another major achievement is the removal of gum found in the coconut oil, hence we manage to extract the least viscous, lightest and the freshest RAW Virgin Coconut Oil.

Their method does not subject the oil to any kind of processing, other than speeding the natural separation of milk by using machine. The extracted oil is exactly the oil found inside the coconut milk - it is the purest Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Here is sample of the Centrifugal Method processing in image you can see for a better clear of understanding how this EVCOnutrition works.

Centrifugal Method Processing

you can see how this EVCO product to be done

I have opened the airtight bottle cover and now you can see how good it looks in the picture.

You can see it clearly

How good I can have this EVCOnutrition everyday now...

the purest Virgin Coconut Oil

I drank the Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and it has W-O-W me! I have never taste such a feeling amazingly healthier product before.  The taste is so pure and raw! So thick in taste. There is no a such great taste such as this I have had my one previous EVCO which I feel is so bitter and I even cannot take one gulp. 

But with this Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Improved Centrifugal Method) has quite surprised me which I now can take one gulp and it has soothe up inside my throat well.  It is smooth and mild taste, and I love it even for now so often. 

I enjoy having this EVCO for cooking and drinking. It is so health.

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A good recommendation product.

Everyone now can look forward to a healthier body and skin.

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