Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Champ Kitchen
non-halal food review

Recently I got a message from my good blogger friend, Ms Selina that she could not make it up. I got to go for her on behalf.

So it is my first time to cover food review this restaurant in Kepong area. When my husband and I were almost reached to the place, we found that this place is popular well known for its industrial estate areas. Luckily with the help of Google Map, we were managed to spot the restaurant, The ChampKitchen. 

You can see how cute piggy signboard in front to welcome you to The Champ Kitchen. 

Wow, honestly I did not know any single of Chinese word or language written on the walls. Okay, when I entered The Champ Kitchen, I found the ambiance is so nice and lovely. 

Thus, the book menu has helped me to read English in language. And thanks to the bloggers who have shared their tips with me. I am much relieved. 

What has impressive me about the restaurant is its an hidden gem cafe in such modern era nowadays where we cannot find the best and old real handmade delicious of pork knuckle in town!

It is a beautiful story where the restaurant, The Champ Kitchen is keen to keep its family generations. Using a family recipe that it is origins come from Fujian, China which has been passed down to next generations since in the late 1800's. 

Even though I am not experiencing the good old day times how tough they have worked hard to make such good pork knuckles and I can imagine it was difficult life back then. However I am amazed by their good tolerance to keep the family's recipe as one of their precious one.

Let's flip through the book menu, so interesting!

They provided few food menu for us to have the food tasting session.

Lamb Skewer
A newly introduction dish.
The lamb skewer looks dull with its heavy curry sauce BUT it tastes so good. Soft chewy.
Love it.

Pork Knuckle Rice
This pork knuckle rice might look weird to me. However, its understandable that the chef has make it a dish of combination where you can see an egg, flavourful preserved vegetables of ham choi and mui choy and etc. It is advisable to eat with good lard rice.

Lard Rice
This is good lard rice I have found the appetite to enjoy all the while. Why is lard rice looks so special? It is believed that Chinese people to eat lard rice during the world war II. Having had his lard rice is good enough to fill up the stomach. Lard is the fat of pigs. You will see it often in the Chinese culture. Read on more about lard rice here. What is Lard Rice?

HK Wanton Noodle
This dish looks familiar to Hong Kong food style. Yes it is. 

Fried Man Tao Bun
The golden fried man tao bun looks so good to get taste with its special sauce. 

Osyter with sauce
It is newly introduction dish.
Am not so big fan of osyter. 
A bit in bitter taste.

Steam Egg with Chives

A good taste in mild soup.

Shark-fin steamed egg
Shark-fin is my favourite but with steamed egg maybe is not one of my ideal. The taste is just good as it seems to be.

Claypot Drunken Pork Knuckle
This claypot drunken pork knuckle is the restaurant's popular dish among customers. 
The pork knuckle is so goodsoft and juicy and tender with its good chinese ingredients and of course Wu Jia Pi Chew Liquor. A mouthful experience indeed. 
A must try.

A good video you will find this claypot drunken pork knuckle interesting!

Those are good hot and cold Chinese tea to drink. They have few flavours to offer you too.

Mochi with red bean paste
This dessert is good and its not so sweet. A very soft chewy mochi in taste to feel with the red bean together and its vanila ice cream to feel the cold too. 
A yin/yang concept look alike.

Homemade Seasalt Ice Cream
Homemad Premium Truffle Bacon Ice Cream
I am not salty lover. Those 2 salty ice cream I cannot stand, too arggghh!
They are ideally for salty lovers yes will get to love them.

To get to the location.
No. 19, Jln KIP 1,
Tmn Perindustrian KIP,
52200 Kepong,
Kuala Lumpur,