Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Fight Period ODOR With The Power of Natural Ingredients

There are two kinds of flavour natural ingredients that suit you best.


Thank you KOTEX for letting me to try the NEW Odor-Care with Daun Sirih. 

I am now happily to have this great overnight extra long which I will have no worries to have my heavy flow period all time. 

How to get the sample?
You may log on to this link below.

What I like the best is Overnight Extra Long (wing 32cm) for heavy flow/night. It does all-night and heavy flow protection well. It is also keeps me feel good and great without any leaks. 

It does help me to control unpleasant odor all the way. It has been easy thing for me. 
So far, there is no problem with using this brand new Kotex.

I am sure you ladies would be always a fan of Kotex. 

Have a good day ahead!