Wednesday, 31 July 2013

#FamilyTime #Penang #Day2

Over the Weekend
       28th July 2013

It was the time I have to go back to the city to work, despite of time being away for home weekend a while. My both parents could not send me to bus station, thus I got my friend to help out.

It was a rushing morning where my all #Family is going to have their #Bak Ku Teh breakfast and I got mine in the way too. A quick packed and shower has rushed me out from the home and joined my friend.

It is Queensbay, a shopping mall where we can have our Japanese luncheon, #Azuma. It is near to the bus station to save the time short.

After a few hours chatting away, we rushed to car park to pay the ticket and headed to #Sg.Nibong #Bus station.

I was almost taking the wrong bus #Alisan instead of #Aeroline. What a sigh! Then I hopped to the bus without doing anything with my phone since my bill was out! What a pity!

Soon, the bus has left and went to Queensbay to pick up the passengers there. A few minutes later, we have departed for KL by 2.45p.m.. During the journey, I was given a good service. Be it an earphone, blanket, small pillow, a bottle of water and late luncheon a burger and wedged potatoes! I was able to avoid the boredom by watching a movie and listening to music for 5 hours!

#Aeroline downstair double decker

#Aeroline luxury comfortable of chair sofa

#Aeroline own freetime

Arrived Sunway Pyramid on the punctual time by 7.00p.m. Texted and called parents I was home safely.

FYI. Who love Japanese food, can assume to this restaurant one I recommended.

              Azuma Japanese Restaurant
                      No. 100-2-F87, Queensbay Mall
                            Persiaran Bayan Indah,
                              11900 Bayan Lepas,