Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Little time for my coming home of the first weekend of Al-Quran PH, 26th July

Saying a little helo to my HOME SWEET HOME soon!

My mum has beeped me SMS saying that my two uncles from overseas are coming home. Aww, it'd be so sweet to be home to see them after all being for many years. My cousin, Alexis has what-sapped me that she asked me to make things to be home. I am being called for home!

After sometimes a few of decisions before the dates depart for home. I decided to go back for 2 times over the weekends since I have to work. So I quickly took my little time off to check online booking tickets. And I have bought 2 tickets earlier for the return home to the city and for my depart to home sweet home have not booked up yet the despite of my busy schedule.

Before the 2 weeks earlier of the confirmation of dates, suddenly I was beeped by what-sapp from my another cousin, Xinch telling me "SUPER IMPORTANT". I wonder what it is. I thought it is a joke. But after got the reply from her, I came to surprise and my plan going home has a bit crapped up! We both have discussed seriously that WE have to be home for da 'super important' stuff!

In the end, I am going home for 3 times over the weekends after got all my schedule tickets home are done!

What a good crap of time for me! It is a happy thing to see everyone is HOME especially my 3 cousins, Julianne, Joel and Josephine from the far north, US and another 2 cousins, Alexis and Rachel from the far south, Australia being the two places apart coming to Penang Home! I miss the LOUD talk among the family home with it is a lot of scrumptious food/drink which fills with the many loves and fun!

Looking forward to seeing them in a joyful face! Will keep you guys the posting up soon. Cheer me a good weekend ya!