Wednesday, 31 July 2013

#Here I come. #Penang my #home sweet home

: Over the Weekend
       26th July 2013

I was sleeping till I looked at the clock, it was 5.00a.m. and yet I have wanted to sleep a little more. Guess what? I was called and it was 5.55a.m. and I was late!!! ~Phew. I took a quick shower and packed and off to Airport! It was 6.45a.m. I arrived the Skypark Terminal Airport, Subang. I went to the counter and took my flight pass. Luckily I was a bit earlier. Grins. My man and I have the morning drink at Starbuck. We ordered a hot Green Tea Latte with its 20% off offer by its Berjaya Air, good huh?. 

After a few minutes waiting for my departure time. It was a beautiful mist in the morning. And soon we have left the cafe. Then I have checked in where I was almost forget how the place look like. Ahem. There I saw my departure gate has not opened up yet. So I keep waiting and within 10 minutes, it was the time. While I have passed my flight ticket and I walked passed through down a lane towards the plane, I quickly snapped a photo!

Berjaya Air

It was my first time using the Berjaya Air. I got  #small sausage bread #nuts #a bottle of water. After I have landed at the Penang International Airport by 9.00a.m. I got mum's car and went to market Mount Erskine together. 

#Hello Penang #Home sweet home

Breakfast #favourite fried bihun #hot barely drink without sugar. Aww, I have reached #Home sweet home. and I missed my #room #lovely

Rested down a while talking to popo... and there my #uncle Hoong #aunt Jen #cousins Julianne, Joel and Josie came over finally. Hugged!*

I was told that they flew all over for 32 hours flight from the US. Oh gosh! Julianne, Joel and Josie all have grown up so big now! They are looking gorgeous and handsome cousins.

Josie is a lovely girl and yet she is so sweet.
#Playing with her sexy tongue!

Later on the night, I was having a good time with family home to my Ee Ee Mei Lan's place for dinner. Wow, she has cooked the fabulous food on the table! Im going to eat it.. what a scrumptious!

#Aunt Helen and Ee Ee Mei Lan cooked those delicious dinner home!

And there I loved to see Shandy...but she was sooo busy to smell food everyone, even in the kitchen for so long! Phew.

#Shandy busy smelling food everywhere!

#Cousin Josie #Ee Ee Mei Lan

#Aunt Jen busy texting at her phone