Friday, 2 January 2015


My friend and I have discussed how we plan to celebrate on our Public Holiday earlier. 1/1/2015 to usher the new year. She gave me an idea to try this BBQ K KOREAN BUFFET. So I find out the info. Yes, there are 2 branches for this buffet. One is at Solaris, Mont Kiara and another one is at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. 

For reservation, I have called my sister to make the booking. And I feel it was a lazy outing day. Thanked to my man's mom (Amma) for making me my favo Indian Chicken Curry with Thosai homemade which was really super delicious! And my man and I got ourselves get ready for our BBQ night. We picked up our friend and to meet our another friend. There we have started our gastronomic buffet at Sunway Giza!

Yeah you can see how good buffet dinner we got here!
They serve us all quality fresh meat, also cured & marinated. Korean delights like side dishes, drinks and desserts too!

The beautiful korean BBQ dishes

Cooking meats

Cooked raw meats

Beef and Pork Galbi

Delicious korean vege cucumber 

Kimchi and the sauce paste!
Makgeolli, Korean Rice Wine

We were thankful as we were given to try the Korean Rice Wine, Makgeolli. It was well to drink and eat this BBQ Korean together. The wine is good in tasty. Makgeolli, known as "makkoli", "makoli", "makgoli" or "makuly" is an alcoholic beverage native to Korea. It is made from rice or wheat mixed with nuruk, a Korean fermentation starter. It has a milky, off-white color and sweetness and is about 6-8% alcohol by volume. Makgeolli is traditionally made from rice although variations are made from wheat, and some brands are flavored with corn, chestnut, apple or other produce. 

I have tried Korean pancake and some other sweets which were really delicious. And the Korean tea is good to drink. 

This is worth price you should try. EAT more meats as its buffet only for RM49 buffet dinner! The bill is written in Korean language. How interesting! You cannot find like this in another place. I recommend this to you. A friendly environment you will feel good to enjoy the moment.

BBQK FaceBook

This is how we all usher to welcome the new year 2015!