Saturday, 17 January 2015

My experience on AirBnB!

AirBnB is where I can get the accommodation in an hour fast.

So I check online AIRBNB in my phone. What it has attracted me is nice to know any host with their image profiles so we can see each other whom we are talking to. Do you agree with that? I am sure you will love to that.

I found a good accommodation to stay. There this is ND Hotel in Melaka. So I managed to send my request to the host named, Mr. Jason at around in the noon. And there I have received the message from him an hour after. What a little surprised, an effective way up in this modern technology!

You can see how cool I have personally text to this host for the booking.

After upon on our per discussion over the chat box, Mr. Jason will pays me first but it was my boyfie who pay the payment online since I have to accept it by clicking the agreement to pay so Mr. Jason can gets it there to notify my payment. But before that, I am asked for WeChat ID as AirBnB cannot access any shown of privacy something like phone number for which it does not appear or so. We exchanged to each other. And there we finally get through. We booked for a night and another room I have requested for our couple friend. So our friend will pay it when we get to there. In an hour later, I got the confirmation letter via AirBnB and email both. So efficient!

And Mr. Jason has asked me for the time of arrival. I said probably we will arrive in the late afternoon at around 6pm. When my friends and I were on our way getting to there, he has asked where I was and gave me the hotel’s phone number to call if there is anything. I told him that I am Deaf cannot make any calls. I am kinda like oh well, I need to call to ensure. Erm. But nevertheless, I am still using SMS or WhatSapp to ensure everything I made. Thanked to the GPS, we finally located the hotel map. 

Upon our arrival, there this man, Mr. Jason gets to see me in person we shake hands to each other by introducing myself as Ms. Sue. And we were presented to the hotel’s reception counter to check my information of arrival. Mr. Jason has spoke to the reception for my behalf. Everything is settled in much earlier already and I just have to receive the room keys. So much easy thing for me. There is no need to be all worried about. After we have placed our bags in the rooms. We are also get the parking coupon to park our car under the security cctv.  I have asked Mr. Jason for the direction to Jonker Walk and how long is the distance. He said it is just 10 minutes by walk. Easy. 

Nice photo is taken with Mr.Jason
Thanked to his kind instruction upon our arrival. We had a short conversation about the ND Hotel which has established by last 3 years ago and is still new, not so bad. The hotel is owned by his Chinese boss and every floors are always keep to be cleaned all time. 

The first entrance of the hotel

So convenient around the ND HOTEL, many hotels too 

The ND HOTEL, Melaka

I have received the payment receipt. The bill is much lower to my curiosity on how come it can be.  It was so nice of Mr. Jason to give me the discount. However thanks so much for the stay.

I received the review from Mr.Jason. Thanked to him!

To me, AirBnB is the one I can find the best communication so far especially in the part of nowadays modern technology where we, Deaf people need to have our own personal communication than asking for the third party. It saves our time, place, communication and of course to avoid some misunderstands. It is so much confident that everything is done by itself ready - only at AirBnB!

I have no problem to get this through at all. 

For the Sign-Up, please register here. Enjoy your travelling!

P/S: To join AirBnB, I suggest you get the Sign-Up. And do log in online personal computer for payment because you can get your point from there easier. You wont get any point if you do payment online in phone otherwise.  

Here you may be reach at :

Add: Jalan Pm 9, Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka,
Tel: +6062828277

Happy AirBnB with your friends and family -