Tuesday, 13 January 2015

- kota kemuning, shah alam -

Guess what I have got you all here? Here is a new haven shopping mall for those who love to shop! 

Gamuda Walk is a vibrant, new neighbourhood destination in the heartbeat of Kota Kemuning! A new lifestyle centre opens up to where you all can access easily. Nearby. Every floor at Gamuda Walk is in designed uniquely to those seeking for the perfect simple shopping, dining and entertainment experience. 

Thanks to Gamuda Berhad who is the developer who make this all happen a wonderful place!

*New opening in last year December 2014*

I am so happy I can shop there whenever I can. I love the simplicity mall. All they are offering you their services at one center where you can bring your family and friends. 

They offer you this:-

1. Muay Thai Fit Martial Art Center
2. Himalaya
3. Alfresco 
4. Maxis Center
5. LongRun Tea (Opening Soon)
6. Sweat Spa
7. Boat Noodle Restaurant
8. Ah Cheng Cafe
9. U-Need 
10. Chapter One (Bookstore)
11. Caffe Bene
12. Caring (Pharmacy) 
13. ChatTime
14. Famous Amos
15. Farmville
16. Focus Point
17. GNC
18. Hearts (Gifts)
19. Hot & Roll
20. JKids
21. JuiceWorks
22. Just In Case
23. Kitchen Shop
24. Koh Samui Thai Restaurant
25. Kwik & ez
26. Little Korea Restaurant
27. AEON Max Valu Supermarket
28. Maycraft
29. Michelle Lazar
30. Mimosa Closet
31. Mr. DIY
33. nanaberry (Frozen Yogurt)
34. Nando's Restaurant
35. New Zealand Natural
36. Pet Lovers Centre
37. Rakuzen
38. Red Lobster
39. Sakae Sushi
40. Tac Mobile
41. Thai Relax Reflexology 
42. The Coffee Bean
43. TM
few more of lists to go here...

I shoot some pretty new awesome of the mall

The car basement where I got free ticket car parking temporarily 
On the moving walkway up from car basement

Red Lobster Restaurant
Supermarket AEON MaxValu
Popular Korean Coffee, Caffe Bene
The outside Gamuda Walk
View at Gamuda Walk

Nando's Restaurant
Nando's Deco
Main Entrance

Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant
Koh Samui Thai Restaurant

Sakae Sushi Japanese Fast Food
Famous Amos
Kitchen Shop (coming soon)

Chapter One
U- Need
Ah Cheng
Boat Noodle
Sweat Spa
LongRun Tea (coming soon)

Alfresco (coming soon) 

 The brand new neighbourhood has now can go for the shop in anytime anywhere. Everything is so convenient for everybody.

Visit this for more info 
Gamuda Walk online