Tuesday, 3 November 2015

A Very Late Belated Birthday for Her.
I would never forget the date
that it will be always a special day
to Her.



I have always want to get something nice prezzie for my mom. Thanks to ZALORA for giving me this coupon to purchase their shopping online. I never have been on shopping online before. I used to see real things. Yet I still understand that this century year has been much change in everything now EASY to ONLINE! Shopping, banking, booking, and much more you would be amazed at.
As usual it would be, I filled in the details after sign-up at ZALORA.
I have flipped pages scrolling over and over until I found a nice simply bag for my mom.

I ADD CART to my CHECK OUT. When I am about to make payment, I have found its ZALORA “Have a gift card or promo code? Enter it here”  
then I key in my promo code that appear in green colour and processed.
And no longer after that, I received an email thank you compliment from ZALORA with my confirmation number, xxxxxxxxxx, dated 13th September.
It will take 2-3 days for the delivery time.

On 15th September 2015, I received another email from company, Ninja Van which leaves some clueless what it got me here somewhere. So I read it through and found out that my courier has not arrived up yet which has frustrated me.

Dear Valued Customer,
We were unable to deliver the following item from Zalora (MY)
No worries! You can reschedule your delivery easily by clicking the button below.
BIG RED BUTTON >> RESCHEDULE with my tracking ID address contact address record.
Please remember to reschedule your delivery as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays.
We will send another reminder in 3 days if we’ve not heard from you in 3 days.

Thank you for using NINJA VAN.

I am asked to reschedule it again to ensure the parcel to be on destination. As you can see the pictures below.

1st Step            : I updated the information. Make it clear.
2nd Step           : I chose my timing slot for the delivery.
3rd Step           : Deliver confirmation information

On 16th September 2015, I have been waiting for the parcel to reach to me (I don’t know they do or not may be because it’s on the public holiday)

Nevertheless, I have made an enquiry message to ask them. Here is how we deal to each other.

Urgency:* HIGH*Message:* Hi. I have been waiting for my courier
from Zalora today but it has not arrived yet since I have asked for the
morning delivery time 9Am-12PM. Could you please track my ID number,
MYZAL-205186838-5281? What is the status now? I noticed that it's a failure
delivery. Hoe come it can be? Please reach me by email, SMS & WhatsApp
asap. Thank you.
Their reply,
Admin (Ninja Van)
17 Sep, 08:20
Hi Sue,
We have cc-ed our Malaysian Support team to kindly assist you in this matter.
Ninja Fara

On 17th September 2015, I received an SMS from Ninja Van to notify me how the parcel delivery would be to. And I replied in as the person in charge will be signing off for my behalf.

I don’t know what is going on, worrying where is my parcel now…

And immediately, around at least 30 minutes I received an email from Ninja Van notify that my parcel is safely with the person in charge, phew! Surprised me, Ninja Van is more effective sending me their document PDF to proof me the signature to be pass on for my behalf. And I am amazed by their professional working service.

What a nice courier!
How great Ninja Van (Malaysia) has solved my problem in the courier service? How they work on the E-Commerce? You can view their company over here for more information,

I am so sure you will love their E-COMMERCE COURIER SERVICE-Let’s TRY!

Whoa, a very nice Tote Weaved Bag for my mom!
A lot in use
Feedback from Zalora
I was so excited to get my mom this beautiful little gift. And I presented to her in the morning. She was a bit surprised to see what I got her, never expect the bag colour which it will be the modern colour for her to suit the best.

She now can have it for her own party, diner in and bring it with her anywhere she will be gonna to enjoy her new bag.