Friday, 13 November 2015

Ginger Grilled Chicken Breast

*Simple preparation*

Peel of the potatoes’ skins off.
Put potatoes in the hot boiling water until they are soft to mash.
Once the potatoes are soft ready to mash off right away.
While mashing it, add white pepper, parsley, bit of mayo and add some cider vinegar inside and mix it well.

Put the chicken breasts into hot boiling water to cook it fast.
The chicken , cut in halfway to spread with the ginger paste inside and marinated with lerkin and teriyaki sauce, not forgetting herbs, thymes and rosemary
*for ginger paste, use grinder bowl to smash the fresh ginger
Get olive oil on flat saucepan, grill the chicken  to be cooked well and ensure they all are turning to golden brown in colour.

Cut red onion and carrot in slices and then fried them with olive oil turning brown in colour. Put aside.

Put the siu pak choy vegetable into the hot boiling pot.
When they are good enough to be soft,
Lay them on another plate, cool aside a while.

Ready for serve

Get a clean nice plate for decor

Place the Siu Pak Choy vegetable all over, then put the chicken on the center, fried onion and carrot to be placed on the side and meanwhile the mashed potatoes on the other side too.

Enjoy, yummlicious.