Friday, 13 November 2015

Fish Fillet Sweet & Sour

Cut garlic (minced)

Cut the fish fillet into small square sizes.
Then add rice flour and cornstarch flour to mix with bit of lukewarm water, grab the fish fillet to be filled with the paste flours stickier. Aside.

Cut red and green peppers into medium square size and honey cherry tomatoes too. Aside.

For sauce.
Get a small bowl, add tomato ketchup, chilli ketchup, lerkin, soya sauce, bit of water to mix well. Aside.

Hot wok with cooking oil, while it boils hot – place the fish to be fried well in crispy and place on kitchen towel to dry off.

Once the fish are all well fried.

Add the repeat oil from the frying the fish into the wok, add minced garlic, red and green peppers and honey cherry tomatoes to mix well.

Then add the fried fish, put the sauce all over too and add some bit of lukewarm. Then fry well.

Add oyster sauce. Keep stirring and leave for 2 minutes until it melts to be more bit of sticky.

Taste well. Serve with hot steamed rice.