Monday, 14 December 2015


What is BAKSO

I am sure you know Bakso. Bakso comes from Indonesia.

Unfortunately, I was unable to go for this food review. So my man has went to join the FoodInker for my behalf. Thank you, FoodInker.

My man loves beef. He is so fond of their Grill Lamb which is so juicy chew in tasty to eat in so deliciously. 

Join me here to read the following as below;

RAKSHEE, I never knew that it is has been operating close to a year by young entrepreneurs of different background including Oil & Gas and F&B. One of the founders, the uncle owns a Bakso factory in Penang for more than 13 years. He then decided to bring this Indonesia street food to another level. He strategized to boost up the production of the factory with Rakshee. 

Rakshee has come with the two meanings. It is derived from an infiormal Arabic language that means joyful and relaxation. Bakso is a kind of meatball made from beef that commonly found in Indonesia street food. 

What makes Bakso to be dfferent than a typical meatball? Bakso uses more lean meat than fats. Rakshee's menu is fully created by their in-house chef. Before creating the menu, there is only a requirement from the owner that is all savory menu items must to be infused with Bakso. Other than serving Bakso with beef soup, they even have Pasta with Bakso instead of using normal Italian meatball. All their Bakso is sourced from the uncle's factory. 

Rakshee is modernized and hipster-like based design. Interior ideas came from a few parties including interior designer friend who helped to give a lot of suggestions.

Bakso Soup RM 1.90

Classic Aglio Olio (new menu) RM 7.90
available for Breakfast from 9am to 12pm

Rakshee Grill Lamb (new menu) RM 30.90

Rakshee Frittata (new menu) RM 9.90
available for Breakfast from 9am to 12pm

Rakshee Lagsana (new menu) RM 15.90

Rakshee Soto Bakso (new menu) RM 11.90
available for Breakfast from 9am to 12pm 
Baked Beefball Marinara RM 9.90

Baked Pasta Marinara RM 9.90

Bakso Nugget (new menu) RM 9.90

Mini Burger RM 9.90

Spicy Thai Linguine RM 9.90

Swedish Beefball RM 9.90

This cafe has been attracting different kind of patrons from the west Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Rakshee has ready-investors for expanding another outlet at Setiawangsa probably in a year's time. Rakshee's mission is to educate people about the new way of eating Bakso. 

More exciting menu will be added along the way with promotion, do follow their instagram for more Bakso greatness.

More details going to this link,

Group photo with the owner
No. 13G, Jalan 5/20A, The Strand Kota Damansara,
Petaling Jaya, 46350 Selangor.
Tue - Sun 9.00am until 11.30pm
Monday closed