Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Ambassadors Search Malaysia

Bouncy .  Brighten . Baby Skin

Total price of more than RM 6000.00 worth of 3Bskin products are giving out for 3Bskin Ambassadors Search,

10th December 2015
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia -

A national selection of 3Bskin Brand Ambassadors (3Bskin BA) have reached the final stage. 100 selected participants will be given samples for their feedback. After having gone through months of selection. The final selection is scheduled to kick off from 15th December 2015 to 31st December 2015. 3 out of 7 types of 3Bskin samples will be given out for testing. There are Detox Mask, Hydrating Mask and Scrub Mask.

The result of this selection will be announced in early of January 2016 in conjunction with the official launch of X Brand Ambassadors Search Malaysia 2015 (XBAS Malaysia 2016). 20 selected 3Bskin BAs will be invited to the XBAS Malaysia Press Conference (PC) and 3Bskin Soft Launch PC (End of January or February 2016).

What is the definition of 3Bskin BA search?
"This is a selection of candidates who can talk favorably about 3Bskin Brand or Products and by word of mouth, pass on the positive message about the brand to other people"

XBAS Malaysia 2016 (X Brand Ambassadors Search Malaysia 2016)
"An X Brand Ambassadors is known as a positive spokesperson, opinion leader or a community influencer, appointed as an internal or external personnel to boost product/ service sales and to create brand awareness"
The selected participants of 3Bskin BA will be given the opportunity to showcase their abilities and talents which includes advertising & promoting in social media & events building up until the XBAS Malaysia 2016 grand finale which will be held sometimes June. The venue for the aforesaid event will be further updated.  

3Bskin BA Selection is done through FaceBook.
More than 200 participants join and 100 will be selected in the final selection. There's delay in selection is expected due to postponement in 3Bskin's production as high level of product quality assurance and checking are conducted before they are introduced to the market.

The selection is organized by MMK, Miss Malaysia Kebaya Organizer. With the full support of a team of dedicated sponsors and partners, it is trusted that the 3Bskin BA Search & XBAS Malaysia 2016 will be able to run successfuly.

3Bskin BA Search are open to all Malaysians from different races, unisex and aged between 21-40.

Conditionally, new participants must select the LIKE button on the FaceBook pages of 3Bskin and XBAS Malaysia 2016. All information will only be updated on the following two FB Urls as the following below;

Samples and instructions will be given out before 15th December 2015
14 days are given to:-
1. Try 3Bskin Signature Products sample
2. Take photo with product application
3. Give testimonial (short and simple)
4. Participants may take 1 minute short video (Not Compulsory)

From the photos and comments/ testimonials or videos we will select 25 2BSAs, one or more will be our official 3BSAs. All information are required to be sent back to the organizer before 31st of December 2015. Result will be announced in early of January 2016 @ 3Bskin FB and XBAS Malaysia's FB.
Attention : Jason Hee
PM or WhatsApp 012 - 921 1486
Email :

The scores in Judging are based on their photos with product, testimonial and some with video

* 3BSkin owner will have the final say of their ambassadors*

We will open to the public for the judging of participant with the most Likes, Most Creative Photo, Best Selfies, Best Testimonial and Best Video.
25 out of 100 will be selected as 3Bskin Brand Ambassadors (each selected 3Bskin BA will be getting Products Worth More Than RM150)
Best 5 selected 3BSAs will get the full range of 3Bskin products worth more than RM 500.00 each.
1. Most Likes
2. Most Creative Photo
3. Best Selfie
4. Best Testimonial
5. Best Video (Those who send short video)

3Bskin Selected BA will not only be Getting Free Products, Advertise, Feature Photos with 3Bskin Product on Paid Social Media but will also be rewarded a Paid Job, Business Partnership Opportunies and Job Offer *T&C Apply.

Introduction of 3Bskin company

~ WHO is 3BSKIN?
A skincare product online store found and owned by June Hee. A 25 years young girl who pursues her passion and lives her dream in health and beauty industry. The products are distributed and marketed by Three Bskin Enterprise.

After years of experience selling and promoting others beauty products online, The founder realises the important to satisfy customers is to secure the best brand loyalty, custom tailored, controlled, competitively priced and product exclusivity. The Only Way is to Create Her Own Brand Products and Trade Mark 3Bskin in September 2015.

3Bskin Products are expected to soft launch in January 2016

You can visit us
Our Office:

Penthouse (Level 27)
Centerpoint South, The Boulevard
Mid Valley City Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
(By Appointment)
(website is still under construction)
FB : 3Bskin
INSTA : 3Bkin

The brand name was derived from 3 Magic Words Bouncy, Brighten, Baby Skin to Form 3Bskin. Our product concept is to produce products with effective solutions to skin problems, quality but inexpensive, feature unique, eye catching packaging yet simpler and easier to use. Our vision is to offer our customers experience our innovative products with surprising and effective results.

Product formulated in France and go through years of research, development and manufacture by one of top OEM (Originial Equipmenr Manufacturer) in Malaysia with certified GMP (Good Manaufacturing Practice) and Approved by Ministry of Health.

Introduction of 3Bskin Products:
1. Detox Mask
2. Hydrating Jelly Mask
3. Diamond UV SPF35+++
4. Cleansing Milk
5. Toner
6. Enzyme Scrub
7. Serum

More information will be release in the 3Bskin Press Release and Soft Launch in early January 2016.