Friday, 11 December 2015


Over last two weeks ago, I was so much good to attend the nutrition management program and moreover it is a Chinese language session. I could not understand any Chinese. Thankfully, I got English brochures to read and understand better by doing some experiments and catch up very little Chinese words that could translated to English. The Chinese PowerPoint is shown in language but I could understand some pictorials in visual. I brought a friend of mine to accompany me and at the same time she is exposing to blogging world. Thanks to the director and managers for agreeing to have us in the session together.

Throughout the session, I would be put in the OBG Test where I am verified in as the Apple Shape category, what has shocked me despite though I have work hard to get the best shape I wanted to be. Nevertheless, I have learned all the evening session to know that I have to be in food control and stay healthy.

Make Your Life Better

Totalife International Group has collaborated with Dr. Clarie Lin, Director of the Anti-Aging Stem ; Gene Research Centre; and her team to successfully develop the patented Roselle Polyphenol iFG Yeast after years of research to stimulate the longevity gene and regulate body weight. Intensive research has proven its amazing effects on weight management programmes, resulting in fit and slim body silhouettes in test participants.

Dr. Winston Sun has over the years been at the forefront of international pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations, he was a director for the Chinese Taipei Association for the Study of Obesity, Chairman of LEARN Weight Management Foundation as well as the Honorary Director for the Down Syndrome Foundation. His over 40 years of industry experience has been the driving force behind Totalife’s success in helping millions regain healthy life and transformed his massive experience into his many best-selling books such as ‘Genetic Weight Management”.

What is TDS? (Fat Burning)
TDS, a nutritious beverage mix soy protein with soy fiber (effective body shaping with whey protein)
= It has Soy Milk, Mocha and Apple to satisfy your taste buds.
= 58 types of balanced nutrition
= Whey amino acids
= Low GI
= Fat suppression polyphenols
= Fat elimination factors
= Metabolism factor

The left is Apple I took, the center is my friend took the Mocha.

Tasty & Healthy Easy Weight Loss.
Replace your breakfast and dinner with 4 sachets of TDS daily, take your low-GI lunch with high fiber, high protein, less salt and less oil. Fat-burning process will be initiated in 7 days, for a lighter and slender body.

Mix sachet contents with 227ml lukewarm water, shake vigorously and leave idle for 3-5 minutes before drink.

See, how many people have lose their weighs - not only having those healthy management program but also maintain their regular exercise too.

What is GeneUp? (Regulation)
GeneUp has 2 kinds of type. (personalized genetic slimming success)
= GeneUp iFG-1 & GeneUp iFG-2

GeneUp iFG-1, a botanical beverage mix Roselle & Yeast Pepton
(fat-dissolving regulator to dissolve the fat)
GeneUp iFG-2, a botanical beverage mix Berry & Yeast Pepton
(carbohydrate elimination regulator to eliminate carbohydrate)

Roselle  polyphenols  - contain anthocyanin, catechin, flavonoids and other polyphenols with antioxidant properties.
Plantbased peptides – plant-based growth factors to stimulate key genes, boost metabolism and energise the body.

Consume 1 sachet before breakfast and dinner.

What is Fittache? (Detoxification)
(absorbs, binds & eliminates dietary fats)

Fittache helps in slimming, lowering blood pressure, cholesterol, body fat and enhances fat elimination. Awarded with 4 patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.
= High in fiber
= Reduce 35% calorie absorption from food sources
= Neutralise and eliminate excessive fat

Take 2 capsules with 250ml of water before meals. For better result, take together with Total Biozyme.

*Look at this how it experiments in that way it works out as the following below.

What is Lipokleen A? (Metabolism)
Lipokleen A, advanced blister packaging to prevent oxidation.

Lipokleen A contain salmon fish oil, rich in Omeha-3 essential fatty acids ; DHA and EPA.
= Vitamin E acts as a fat soluble antioxidant
= Energise cell, convert nutrition into energy and boost body metabolism

Provide deep sea fish oil, lecithin, CoQ 10 and olive polyphenols as strong antioxidant properties to promote healthy blood circulation.

Take 1-2 capsules daily , after breakfast and dinner.

It is Redx Collagen Drink - 15 mini bottles/ box

Obese people tried hard to restrain from eating but how to do if they just can’t? Stimulate the longevity gene to effectively regulate 5 obesity types, advanced 4-step bio-technology health management system.
Now you can remain youthful, slim and energetic always!

DIET 20% goes for
-      Low calorie and balanced diet
-      Whey amino acids
-      Choose low-glycaemic diet
-      Consume plant polyphenols
-      Replenish essential fatty acids

GENE 20% goes for
-      Roselle polyphenol yeast
-      iFG-1 Fat-Dissolving Regulator
-      iFG-2 Carbohydrate Elimination Regulator

Detoxification 20% goes for
-      Digestive enzymes
-      Probiotics
-      Dietary fibre

Exercise 20% goes for
-      Fat-burning aerobic exercises

-      Muscle-enhancing anaerobic exercises 

Read at Totalife Website for more details.

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