Saturday, 2 April 2016

(non-halal food)

I was so excited to get the chance to enjoy the good food of Japanese cuisine which I hope Wakon has its own specialty I never know. Well, last 3 weeks ago my hubby and I went for the food review. We both were kinda rushing to come over despite in the between of 2 places in such short of 15 minutes to be done. But we glad we made it there.

Wakon Japanese restaurant is located at SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya. The place is known as Damansara Uptown. It is a crowd place. Car parking is hard to find at such peak hours.

When we were stepping into the restaurant, we will be greeted by the simple and comfortable Japanese Izakaya-style interior. The interior keeps your mind to stay away from the business and stresses. You will feel like at home. Just like the Japanese spirit, Wakon Japanese restaurant having had the innovative spirit while keeping the Japanese tradition. 

I am pleased to have the VIP air-conditioned room with its loving Japanese culture where I recalled back to my Japan trip back in the last of 9 years ago.

Izakaya, known as gastropub in Japan where Japanese men usually go for after working drinking place.

Being an Izakaya restaurant, Wakon has a very simple menu which mainly consists of grilled dishes such as Pork Neck Skewers, BBQ Squid, BBQ Chicken Wings and many more. On top of these, Wakon offers ala carte menu such as rice options, ramen and their signature such as Black Truffle Mixed with Udon.

I have snapped quite a few number of the food photos you will get by to see nearer for a better view. There are amazing foods you will never get escape off. They look awesome and beautiful food art. Okay let me to introduce to you to the each of them in details.  

Sorry I have missed out on the Crab Roe Salad for my 1st food review. *Ahem* I am told that the dish is good for appetizer. Crab Roe Salad -  13.90 (No photo attached)

This Wasabi Gyoza serves me on the flowery plate where it has tempted me to eat soon because I am Gyoza lover, he he. Its topping is wasabi creamy with fish roe goes so well with its soft chewy of gyoza dumplings and it is spicy a bit only. 

Wasabi Gyoza RM 14.90

For BBQ lovers, you get to be a little patient for eating such good glorious BBQ and it worth your price for having them.

I got my favourite BBQ Pork Belly. The dish comes with good decor on each stick nicely. When I first tasted, it was too plain without tasting anything expect its belly part. So I get the chili pepper, it is called ‘Nanami Togarash’ to add onto the pork belly top and finally there it has got tasting in it and I felt good about it. My fellow bloggers come to try the same way and they have nodded yes. Ha ha.  

BBQ Pork Belly RM 6.90

Another BBQ Pork but it looks sweeter and sticky barbecue sauce in glow that leaves me a lot of water-mouthing to try what it tastes like. My husband and I were no idea what it is. So we enjoyed eating it. When I found out that it is BBQ pork neck meat and I told my husband, we jaw-dropping “wow”, we had it for the first time! Good meaty and truly rich in savory. Recommended.
BBQ Pork Neck Mear RM 7.90

A long medium sized of BBQ squid I will never eat and it is not my favourite. Thanks to my hubby who has been a squid lover. And he does enjoying the good grilled bbq and it’s chewable. The colour is quite attracting in pieces when you take the each of them. 

BBQ Squid RM 18.90

I have never like Brinjal but as a food reviewer, I ought to try every food I go for. Well, this BBQ brinjal is cooked well and merely soft, ideally for old people to chew in easily. And the tasty is a worth for its pricing as the brinjal have good combination of mixed ingredients where I can feel the good fried garlic for topping. For those are haters of vegetable, go for it. Worth a try, trust me! I even started to fall in love with brinjal :D

BBQ Brinjal RM 9.90

One of the fine dining dishes is Black Truffle Mixed Handmade Udon that brings it glorious food of Japanese cuisine. I know Black Truffle is not that cheap and I even wanted to try to taste but with no chance. When I eat it, the tasty you will feel a bit sourish and good enough of mildly soft udon mixed all over with the black truffle and fish roe. I like the tasting of black truffle which is similarity to olive oil but its not too bitter one. I truly enjoy the truffle.

Black Truffle Mixed Handmade Udon RM 46.90

Mentaiko chicken wings is a new thing where you get to bite it, you will have the good cooked fish roe inside which is quite a bit salty and its chicken wings has the good enough brings its new concept.

Mentaiko Chicken Wings RM 12.90 (1 set 2 pcs)

It is Tomato Udon, I never know there is one of kind for Japanese cuisine. Well, it goes for tomato lover to enjoy udon soupy. 

Tomato Udon RM 8.50

Tonkatsu Udon is a creamy soupy who loves Udon soup will be definitely go for it.

Tonkatsu Udon RM 8.50

And I got to drink the Japanese wine Sake which is not so bad. Love it even more than I have tried Japanese Plum (in Japan) which is too bitter. 

What a creative of wine glass holder for drinking

This Hong Kong Chef who is Japanese lover has been operating Wakon Japanese Restaurant at Damansara Utama for 2 years. He has been working in the F & B industry in Hong Kong for years, he then decided to move his restaurant business to Malaysia where he has fell in love with the laid back and relaxed environment in Malaysia.

Everyone can read Wakon's special menu book here for dining.

To ensure their customers have the best experience, Wakon is determining in serving quality dishes. Since it is an Izakaya restaurant, you can expect to savour some Sake over your meal at Wakon.

Drop by there to have a drink or two while you enjoy some of their light bites. Do not forget to follow their FaceBook FanPage for more updates too.

Address: No 75, Ground Floor, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, 47400 Selangor.
Contact No. : 03 - 7733 5996
Business Hours : Mon - Sun (12.00pm - 3.00pm) / (6.00pm - 11.30pm) 10.45pm is last call.

Rate 4/ 5*

Invite your family and friends, 
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1. Purchase RM 50 above, get any non-alcohol drink for free.
2. Purchase RM 100 above, get a bottle of 300 ml Sake for free.