Wednesday, 12 February 2014


I do not expect too much. It is actually seize the day for me. 
I bought Amos Chocolate and brought it to my desk.
I have been into chocolate lately.

There I am given this another pieces of chocolate.
Surprisingly, what a loving packaging design having all those chocolate,
to many its kind of flavor to taste them. 
I am asked to have 3 small pieces of chocolate, 2 cutie real chocolate and 1 big chocolate spoon!
One of them I have eaten, sorry I am almost forget to snap a photo
but yet I never miss this all so sweet beautiful
to have this for you to see.

They are good chocolate from the Middle Eastern. 
Good to know how tasteful they are.

It is a good try though.
If anyone of you going for a chocolate taste,
be it from :
the Middle Eastern