Saturday, 15 February 2014

Have you ever try any Massage?

Here I recommend you to this

- Reflexology . Acupressur -

I have always loved massage. Be it rich in spa massage, sauna massage, Thai massage and Bali massage. 

I have been hearing about this Phuket Khoo Professional Therapy through my family and relatives. Good. Strong. Pain.

My mum has been asking me to do massage when I'm back home. Before coming home, my mum has arranged an appointment day for me. 

Once I have landed Penang, my sweet home. Then I directly to visit my relative home. Quite tired home. 
Went to market with mum and get home to rest before my appointment has begins. 

I took short nap and I was late 5 mins to get to the house shop. I walked faster. 

Once I arrived and entered in. I recognized the man who is also my neighbor's son. So I started to process up. And while the process has starts, I thought it is normal medium massage like others. But I was wrong. He presses on my body, head, chest, legs and feet so hard in the traditional way, ouch! 
I realized that how the massage is good to my body and my body needs the real massage therapy though it is quite pain one. However, it is a health massage you will try for. 

I have gone through the process of 1 and half hour! My frozen shoulder now is much better after massage. Yippe! Thanks to this traditional one. 

No doubts, its worth expensive but yet a good massage for you. Remember health is always an issue in our lives. 

The people who are sick of 
Tuina / Acupressure Point Traditional Massage
Foot Reflexology
Knee/Elbow/ Ankle Joint Pain
Sciatica Nerve
Veins / Ligament / Cartholic Blockage
Bad Cirulation
Back Pain / Chest Pain & Others
Frozen Shoulder
Sport Injuries
Accident Injuries
Adult / Baby Stomach Winded

Health massage you have to try this!

The best service of therapy is in Tanjung Bungah!

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