Friday, 21 November 2014

Cetaphil is world best No.1 product. Cetaphil products to provide gentle skin care for every age, every stage and every day of your life.

Thanks to Cetaphil for providing me 2 product samples.

They are Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 50+ (it proves that it does hydrate my skin for 8 hours long in helping to defend against sunburn) & Gentle Skin Cleanser (it helps me to soothe and cleanses my skin after the whole day I feel all the dirty dusty all over my face)

 The best products I have used so far are Daily Facial Moisturizer with SPF 50+ and Gentle Cleansing Bar (this soap bar shows best result after I use; my skin is more clean, clear and rid of black pores or pimples away).

My man has skin problem which he has big pimples that appeared on his both cheeks which has worried me and everyone. I cannot think on which products he should to use. The best thing I asked him to use the Gentle Cleansing Bar because it has the solution in many ways. So in the few weeks later, the result on his face has much improved where the pimples has down smaller and cleanses the black pores away. He is much happy to see that clear solution for his skin problem. He is hoping to use it much more in daily.

This Cetaphil has been tested by dermatologists, pediatrician, and other healthcare professionals for common skin conditions.

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Thanks to Galderma for produced a great Cetaphil where everyone who has skin problem can enjoy this Cetaphil free from any acnes, and much more. 
Galderma has been recognized as the #1 dermatological company by dermatologists in the United States!

I am a fan of Galderma and I love it so much! It helps to improve my skin problem which I have faced for long about the past 11 years! Imagine that how I have went this all through... After in year 2005, my skin has been gradually to show the best result which there is no any acne on my face anymore!

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