Thursday, 27 November 2014

Movie Review
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Director by Bernice Low. Cast by Alvin Wong, Dawn Cheong and Chew Kin Wah

When Ah Beng water filter saleman, Kenth Chu (starred by Alvin Wong) and Banana magazine writer, Sharon Kee (starred by Dawn Cheong) first meet, it's after they have spilled milk tea and coffee on each other respectively during the morning elevator rush-hour. In the truest meaning of the Cantonese proverb "Dangerous enemies meet again in narrow streets", Kenth and Sharon once again find their paths crossing at the end of the day as they both enter the same service elevator. Hilarity ensues when the elevator malfunctions, leaving them trapped with each other, and at the mercy of a gonzo security guard who is their only lifeline to the outside world.

You may view it on here
the 'cut-action'

The opening of movie which will be screening by today 27th November 2014,

Thanked to KLIPs for 2 by winning this to the
opening of screening premier yesterday night
at GSC Cinema, 1 Utama Bandar Damansara.

Though there is little of subtitles on the screen, I have always wanted to see the more subtitles in it as I come to understand it is an English movie. Some of the casts have spoken in Chinese, there will be English sub but for the cast who speak English, there will be no Eng sub. Then I leave it with no choice. No translator either. What a depressed in the whole chill night! I remember one phrase from watching this movie. I noticed by reading this synopsis and learned that why Ms. Sharon is called as 'Ms. Banana'? 

You will be call as 'Banana', as a Chinese person who is of a Western disposition, i.e: unable to speak, read or write in Chinese, possibly on account of her alabaster skin. So growing up, being called a banana was at best a light-hearted tease and at worst a form of verbal abuse. It would taunt me for speaking English at home...
I could not understand any Chinese all my life. I was educated in a Malay government school system.

What has impressed me about the casts in the show is their trying to get to each other along well in no matter how and who you are. Be proud of yourself where you come from.

I, myself as a Deaf person...there is no barrier in communication all my life. I can write, speak, sign and do read too in 3 languages! Malay.English.Sign Language. Thus, I am being proud who I am.