Friday, 21 November 2014


A new product
will brings you to free from the
{bad breath}
{bleeding gums}

What is TruCare can do for you?

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 TruCare's Nano Silver Toothpaste is the ultimate all in one oral care solution that contains Ag+RapidHeal Factor. Ag+ is known to heal ulcers, gum aches and sore throats within just a few days' use and helps combat mircrobes and pathogenic organisms that cause bad breath.

Ag+RapidHeal Factor shows the result of years of research, resulting in a one of a kind formula that contains sub-microscopic positively charged silver particles suspended in an aqueous solution that is known to have effective anti-microbial and healing properties. 

Infused with Ag+RapidHeal Factor, TruCare's range of everyday personal care products is designed specifically to eliminate microbes and help accelerate the human body's natural healing process.

Benefits of Ag+
* All round anti-bacterial protection
* Relieves gum aches
* Heals ulcers
* Eliminates bad breath
* Strengthens weak enamel
* Whitens teeth by gently removing stains

Used regularly, it will help accelerate the healing process of ulcers and other oral problems resulting is not only a fresher breath but also rids your mouth of potentially harmful bacteria.

My toothpaste!
Trying this toothpaste is really great and good after using this. Feel fresh and soft after brushing it off my teeth. I have gum aches and hopefully they will rid off away fast. I have asked my friend to try it and he has wisdom problem which he has seen the dentist. The wisdom has taken off but keep bleeding out and it hurts him which he cannot eat much. Thus, he tries this product, it helps him that really much which brings some relieves to his teeth. The bleeding has stop and pain has reduces. We both really like this product.

For new users, I suggest you try this for yourself and you will know the best for your teeth. 

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