Friday, 21 November 2014

Upcoming of a new toothbrush!
it is

What is so unique about SYSTEMA?

* Its 0.02mm bristle tip, which is 1/20 the size of ordinary bristles enabling it to penetrate deeper along gum lines and in between teeth
* Its bristles is made from non animal origin
* Its bristles is patented - Lion Japan Technology
* The number ONE toothbrush from Japan
* ISO 9001 Certified
* Remove >80% of plague to be 9X cleaner

Thanks to Southern Lion for letting me to have this good toothbrush sample! I am exciting to use this every day. Wow, what a good toothbrush I have ever had! A real soft brush to wash my teeth away easily!
There is no much harder brush to hurt my teeth but using this SYSTEM SIPRAL amazes me that much in ways I can feel free without worrying too much!

Grab a quick to shop to buy this now one for you and your loves one.