Friday, 22 April 2016

a Japanese hair salon

Thank you Mr. Masayuki Akiyama for having me on hair review last Saturday afternoon. I was rather surprised to receive an appointment booking up for myself which I would like to have hair transform. At first, I thought it would be my first choice is the Malaysian hair salon. And it is out of my exception whom I am checking on the page as the hair salon is going to be a Japanese hair salon! 

My mind says I would be given a chance to try this Japanese hair salon. And here is a go I have boldly to give it a big blow off right away. 

Till the day I was late of 30 minutes to get to the Aki Hair Studio shop where it locates at VerseShop (the newly shop lot mall) at Mont Kiara. I could not get the lift up as I get lose around. Somehow, I got some help from a security guard man to get me.

The beautiful sunny view at Mont' Kiara.

When I first entered the Aki Hair Studio, the environment is so ambiance, quiet, clean and yet so sweet feeling around. Neat and simple. I am asked to have a seat to wait for my turn wishing to have the director to do my hair. I am used to have director all my life in each time I visit hair salon. While in waiting, I took chance to a small visit to the shop. 

I am so impressed the shop has not only doing the hair salon but a nail + eyelash salon. What a good combination idea! I guess in Japan there is always uprising in many things mainly in fashion trendy. 

Let me have the pictorials of nail + eyelash salon for your sneak preview. 

What a lovely decoration!

Women/ men are being able to have luxury spa time having Ms. Yuki, a Japan born trained nail salon. Get yourself a little spoil there. 

Besides that, you may have your interest to take up a hobby there to study how to get your nails all pretty and keep them clean all time which the salon has just open a nail school. Interesting right?

Look at those Japan organic products to be used for customers. I have never try any Japanese products before. Quite nervous.

The beautiful wood on wall represents AKI Hair Studio with the soft dim of light shinning on. 

I am welcomed by the director, Mr. Aki. How grateful I have him to enjoy his real Japan professional hairstylist who has been 15 years of experience in the industry. He is so gentleman yet so good looking and a thoughtful man. He has started from Japan and launched a new salon in Thailand 2 years later and now he has expanding it to Malaysia. He aims to make the local people look more fashionable, trendy with unique hairstyles. 

I told him I am a Deaf blogger and he takes it easily. What an easy approachable one. Then we have a short simple chat in speaking and visual gesture sign language. There is no barrier in communication. I showed him my hair was quite big and so frizzy out of shape. It has been 2 months I have never get myself a real treat until I have this Japanese hairstyle I was going to get one. I desperately need to have a good perm. He could not make it for me as doing perm will be taking a long time. Since he was busy to have many time slots to take over. I understood and I even told him what he can do for my hair. Since I have had my permanent perm. He recommended me to have the curling tongs.
A better look? A fabulous look? 

There he has began his professional hair work on me and yet I have the good confidence in him getting me a great hair transform.

The journal works of being a Japan born professional hairstylist.

I am asked to have hair wash. It has been an amazing feeling for having those good hair wash massage completed with hair shampoo and conditioner. I love their lady who is good at massaging head while relaxing up my body. The head spa and massage place is in a good view where I can see the other customers having had their own time with the hairstylists in front at the open space. The interior is so excellent using the wood floor and I enjoy walking on. Unlike the other local salons who have their cover the closeup of corner at washing hair place.

Here my hair were ready set on the go.

The hair salon looks so awesome and simplicity yet so modern. I love the great work of arrangement design among those good tradition in Japanese style. 

Mr. Aki has trimmed and layered my hair professionally. They are thin. I felt so light and good. Thank goodness. It took me a quick haircut. I do really enjoy having his good hand work.

And there I go for another to have sweet non-chemical smell on my hair. Nice fragrance. It is pretty good since I hate the strong chemical where I used to have at local salons. 

Not forgetting my hair next step, I got time for steaming! It is not definitely not too hot but mildly temperature one. I love it. 

Then I go for a second hair wash. I was almost finished.

There he uses a blow-dryer to create the perfect tousled wave to produce old perm waves and keeping to rope my hair all over to get its shape back at the same time while he smiles at you. 

He then uses a curling tongs and rollers (something like curling iron) to spins my hair around softly. Such a good machine.

With the tool of rollers and curling tongs that it provides me with decadent, waterfall curls wand waves that instantly vamp up my glamorous style. Instead my hair has the good gel to have its volume style.
It gives me a truly spell bounding curls, from loose curls to neat ringlets!

Now you may see this short video how he works on my hair

I am feeling so good having my hair transform back. And a good surprise treat for me is it works MAGICALLY for me too!

So good! Fantastic!

I am confidence with his professional work as a hairstylist.

Arigato Mr. Masayuki Akiyama for the estimate of 1 hour and 45 minutes done.

RM 130 by director Aki
RM 98 by salon manager Masa
RM 68 by senior stylist

The front

The back

I have Aki Hair Studio now in my list in near future I am absolutely to fall in love with the Japanese hair salon in Klang Valley. 

You will be able to get the result you desire.

A worthwhile.

The result has been this day 6, my hair are still going good in the condition and so soft.


The tips on choosing the right perm for your hair. Mr. Masayuki Akiyama's guidance for your right decision.

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