Monday, 25 April 2016

The new one Community, WEBE!

Is everyone wondering what is going on at P1 right now? I am sure all of you, including me, are curious to know about the new WEBE. I am clueless as to what WEBE means to all of us as an audience.

Okay, my man attended the official launch on my behalf but he was till unclear about the talk on WEBE. I had to gather information from their website/Facebook page and from some data which CC Puan of P1 kindly shared with me. 

Before I get you started here, I think you have heard of Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and GoFundME. These are crowdfunding platforms which made dreams come true. they have gathered millions of people to fund new innovations with powerful social impact and made them a reality. 

Well, P1 is now known as WEBE and they have started a new movement here in Malaysia - a crowd backing initiative called WEBE community, which was born out of a need to make a difference in Malaysia through a collective effort. Their 7 projects need your help to bring them closer to life.

How can you help? For more details about the projects, download the WEBE Community App for free from the Google Play or App Store. Support and share the project of your choice, and earn more "webits" to even support other projects! By doing this, you will play a part in bringing life to the projects. 

How does it work? The money needed to make the projects come true is already there. To unlock the funds, what the project champions need from you is your voice of support. When you pledge your support, the project is one step closer to the money they need to make a difference. Once they are unlocked, WEBE will fully fund the projects that Malaysians want. 

How do you support without giving any money? On Webe community, support comes in the form of "webits", which has no monetary value. They are points that you collect when you participate in the community. The more posts you share, the more webits you earn, and the more projects you can support. This way, not only do you support, you also inspire your friends with the stories of unsung Malaysian heroes. 

The projects on Webe community (are stories you need to see to believe). There are film directors who want to make a KL zombie movie, a group who wants to create container classrooms for special-needs children, a guy with a plan to beat dengue once and for all, and more. 

There is a huge community of creative thinkers in Malaysia that need an opportunity to actually make things happen. They have a great idea but due to time constraints, shortage of funds and lack of support, their idea becomes a broken dream even before it can even be brought to life.

This is where WEBE community steps in to help the project champions realize their dreams.

WEBE Facebook Fan Page will keep us updated on the progress and developments of the project as it advances.

Let us all join hands to make things happen, to create a better Malaysia for the community...Download the app and start pledging your support!