Saturday, 25 May 2013


It has been few years back the last I had my great hairdo.

I have been thinking what to get for my hair.... When I was home, my mum got to ask me when I was gonna to have my haircut and I knew she was gonna to make some noise about it. I came to decide to have the CHANGE style!

It was the Sunday after I made my vote, I told my mum to bring me over to the hair salon, ShowCase. Since everyone was busy with the Election Day, the day has became quiet than as usual. My mum has phoned the salon but there was no answer, we went home first..

There again my mum called and I was told I have to be ready within an half hour! At the same time it was a crashing appt for me. I have to hold on to make my time for the hair!

The time when I was walking towards to the salon after my parents dropped me, it was quiet and plain as there were just 2 or 3 customers in. Soon, I had my hair to be washed. I told Uncle Roy I want my hair to be shorter. Then Uncle Roy did my haircut and permed them!

It was the long of 3 hours sitting in the salon. Finally after a long in the afternoon I was kinda sleepy in the half way when my hair was coming to be done. And I love my NEW hair style!

Syin's hair PERMED!~