Thursday, 23 May 2013


A crazy crap of appointments in the day (Part 2)

After a rush hour in the mean of time, I was having an appt with my other friend again. Pusing kepala! It was at the popular SQ, my favourite place to hang out. Had a drink there. Till whoa I was late for home dinner despite of the unfortunate day ~ a heavy raining!

Dad has beeped me to get home faster and I knew that.

And I was in a hurry to get home to take 5-minute shower - a way to go!

It was a fine dining @ Edo Chi Japanese Restaurant #IslandPlaza - It was my mum's #coolBday

A small of gathering family dinner who ordered many kind of food looked in luxury which served on our table.

Salad Japanese>delicious

We love the Japanese Cuisine


What a fine cuisine to a good food

A big relaxation after the crazy food

Family + Relative Photos together

With my sweet Aunt Cheryl

My fine lady, mum

My lovely grandaunt, Kum Ku Poh

A moment with my aunt's Filipino maid, Aunt Helen

My handsome cousin, ShangXian and lovely Popo

The dessert, Green Tea Ice Cream

The dessert, Black Sesame Ice Cream 

Our #Big+GoodAppetite (Japanese Cuisine) in the night....

I was having a great time with everyone back home - hugging and chatbox to be with. What a beautiful night!

A recommendation to try this restaurant! (4 Stars)

Edo Chi Japanese Restaurant
Island Plaza (G-05 & G-06)
Tanjung Tokong, Penang
10470 Malaysia
+604-890 3199