Thursday, 23 May 2013


A crazy crap of appointments in the day (Part 1)

The next morning I woke up in the beauty ray which lighted up my room, I took my quick bath and having my mum to drop me off at a mall to meet up my friend. I was in hungry and I took my McDonald breakfast and enjoyed the Wifi on my mobile. After an hour has been passed by, I have finally met my friend.

I then asked my friend to join me to have another meet up with my other friends.
You wont want to guess it off in the right away ~ coz it was something you might dont know what I'm gonna to show YOU!

It was at Chai Diam Ma Cafe which locates in the Heart of Georgetown in my beautiful hometown, Penang. Chai Diam Ma Cafe was formed into an quaint and charmed with its furnishing of nostaglic decoration cafe. Chai Diam Ma means little sundry shop in Hokkien.

I'm posed in the front of Chai Diam Ma Cafe

Old-furnished in the old day

Beautiful pictography of series to be hanged on the wall

Different textures of cover - Food Menu.

Food menu are printed in coloured on papers

Cutie dolls are decor in the cupboard but they are on sales as well

Alot of cutie things are decor over there for sales

A long table with many postcards and etc to take away for FREE

The beautiful little ray comes from the light up the lovely garden

We took a quick snap before our food

Old things are decor in the old fridge...what a good idea!
My weird Watermelon Dragonfruit Juice

Den, his crazy Pumpkin soup

My Cheese Bacon with Mushroom, yummy!

Our little Salmon Pizza

Our lovely Kahlua Cheese Cake
Finally we at outside the Cafe with posing of its Cafe Hse Add

It was the worth Cafe you should come to visit the place!:~

Mon – Sun 12pm to 9pm
Fri – Sat 12pm to 11pm
(closed on Tuesday)