Tuesday, 21 May 2013


The Election Day #5thMay2013, Sunday

It was in the morning, 8am something I followed my mum to the voting place, Tg.Bunga School nearby. Many people were there already! As I was walking pass by, there were many Chinese people who was in the long queue up in the line.

Since Im Deaf, to be with my mum all the time as she is able to hear when people talking the news everywhere on new system #INK on one finger. Finally I will be able to get my place to vote ....guess what it is.. My bad timing!

When I presented my I.C and I was told my name was not in the list, I was in shock then I was told I have to go back to the pondok (Semakan Nama Pengundi). Thus I told my mum to wait for me. While waiting for my name to be appeared in the PC and I took small paper written (No.7) and I was gonna to die to wait long for my 2nd time round, sighs.

While waiting a bit longer, I was able to short cut my time by went upstair to room No.7 and waited there. I was finally entered the room and got my name to be checked. I told them Im Deaf. After done, they signed O.K and got my finger to be inked dark blue in colour and two ballots to vote.

The Malaysia First New System Finger to be inked

It was excitement thing to do in my ever first time. Thanked to God that I have done as a Citizen.

Then my mum and I left the place and went for breakfast and enjoyed my yummy favourite #CheeCheongFun, the best in my area.

Chee Cheong Fun

Then we went home, after a long day for the voting to be done. I have washed my finger off though it was not good in the condition as there was still of ink in it...sighs.