Tuesday, 28 May 2013


It was in the evening after work, and it was still in early when HJ and I have reached the Citta Mall. We took the chance to try the coffee. I am tired of Starbucks when I was in Penang, there were only two coffee brands I barely went for - Starbucks and Coffee Bean. Here in Selangor, I could try new some, why not?!

I intro you to this new coffee, FIGARO. 

FIGARO Coffee Company is from the Philippine where Filipinos could get whatever they needed for coffee making; from the bean, to the equipment and paraphernalia, to the drinks ---- The PERFECT COFFEE!

They do sell the cakes, looks delicious

The inside of atmosphere

Many kinds of coffee

It's Butterscotch Latte

It's Caramel Latte

Come and try this new coffee, have a time for yourself to indulge the moment...

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