Friday, 17 May 2013

#A #GoodWeekend

I have not updating my blog after a few days, huh? I have been not feeling well due to the humid weather. The weather now has been cool down a bit – be it 28’c.

To update my blog for the last weekend, it was a pleasant Sunday. Going to church has been a part of my life. After a long day in the church, I was kinda tired. Despite of there is no food leftover at the home. So desperated!
This HJ and I went to Carrefour instead of the Giant as Carrefour got the promotion prices. It was just few minutes away from the home nearby. Good day. I can get the good price. We did our grocery there. The supermarket ~ food were so fresh if compared to the Giant.

When I passed by the varities of food which stored in the supermarket and I thought of a meal for dinner. I was tired of cooking pasta. I have always wanted to cook simple Chinese cuisine. And it was salmon! Thanked to my Ee Ee Mei Lan who has once cooked me a fantasic simple salmon porridge.

After our grocery is done, we reached home and I took a lil while to rest. Then there was soon I have started my kitchen time!

                                #A fresh salmon#Carrots#Celery#GreenOnion#

                                             Here was this #`~ a tasty meal


But I knew it was not gonna be the perfect dish one I make dinner for the night. sob sob. By the way, I did my best.