Tuesday, 28 May 2013


It was a rushing moment after I got my thing, there HJ's friend has called me up. I went to his car and left the house to get his wife together. We all having our late lunch before go to this place, 

A Digital Mall, where you can look for the bargain prices for  IT

Then after that, Dinner - we were going to this new place called, The Broadwalk aka. SYOPZ which located at Jalan Taylors, Subang Jaya. 

It's Taylor Uni!
It look rich in building

The Taylor Uni has everything - be it Starbucks!

Shops along the street meanwhile the up are hostel dorms for  students
The Taylor Uni - the Campus
A part of the Uni

        It is Ecoba restaurant & bar to name a few...the more
                  restaurant & fast food (Subway and etc)

A few sample of signage I took, enjoy the photos

 We found that it was not the ideal place for dinner which it is actually the Taylor Uni's accommodation, Oh NO! We do enjoyed to visit the Uni.  Syopz is newly introduction to this place for workchillhangout. Nothing much to do there unless you like the view there.



Thus without wasting the time, we headed to another place - it is Oasis Square, a new place at Ara Damansara. It is newly commercial place where it is quite attracting people to this place. A good place to hunt some food. It looks similar to my hometown, SQ but Oasis Square has its own unique style in building.

The beautiful photos I took some
Finally, my RAKUZEN ~ Japanese cuisine for the dinner!