Friday, 18 September 2015

My 1st Attempt of the Crocheting Day

Today is amazing day for me. I have tried to learn on crocheting to test out how far I understand this art craft. For testing out, I am frustrated at first but I told myself giving me myself more little time to figure how crocheting can be good to me.

Reading theory on book might have confused me up but I put it aside and trying to get me something in the easy step. - crocheting on YouTube. Crocheting on YouTube does help me to go through without feeling like struggle in end.

Yes, yes I am following the steps of crocheting up in this way of a shape. Look at here. Is my first attempt, looks good for a beginner like me than messy up the yarn type.
Yeah, looking back to the book theory, I get to understand its rule of crocheting but I need to understand much better hoping to look forward to attend crocheting class and online tutorial from crocheters as soon as possible.

I would like to share any tips on crocheting with crocheters. It would be much fun we can share more ideas/tips or so on. Sharing is love.

- by Deaf crocheter -