Friday, 4 September 2015

What would your lunch will be? It could be good in having many ideas to think all about, bring in home cook from home, ‘tapau' food from market or store, food leftover to bring in, eat in any kopitiam cafes or restaurants...

Well, I am getting bored to have the same food/ cafes most of the time. So my colleague does. We have had a short glimpse at the good-look style cafe which was still under in construction on that time. One of our colleagues would be missed. I guess you all feeling the same way, right?

How crazy are you hunting down for food at somewhere? Looking for yum-li-cious lunch every day? Needing to pamper you a little spoil? Well, I am getting you somewhat to have good lunch to fill in your empty stomach... 

Is your stomach starts to growl when you are feeling hungry right now? Where would you be starting from here? 

So one fine day, my colleague and I would have jump in joy to try the newly opened bar & cafe restaurant which has started on last 4 months ago, Friday 5th June 2015. (sorry I have not upload this one as I was so busy with events to follow-up with, pardon me)

The BEST GASTRONOMY in the heart of PETALING JAYA will get you to pin the LOCATION!

The FAT OLIVE Food Garbage cafe is a unique where you will see all the look-like hard ascent of modern antiques in black to sit and look in the simplify way and enjoying the good time with great bunch of friends, party-in, hi-tea, bar or any functions you may have the good choice to be made with the a-go-lists.

; Have your BITE to hook at ;

The Tube

When we have entered the restaurant excitedly, and we were served by their grayish black wood furniture and facing at the spiral staircase nicely. And we looked at their menu, a bit choked to our throats, which the food is quite a bit pricey. 

There both of us came with this same order for the lunch, laughed!


Appetizer: Soup of the Day with Home Made Bread

Main Choice: Roasted Pumpkin Risotto with Spanish Blue Cheese @ RM26.00

Dessert: Home Made Dessert

At the menu, you can see how it work when you order your menu as the below

Please Order & Pay at the counter

The Receipt after I paid at the counter first
The beautiful ambience
 of the restaurant with full pack of people
The modern stylish of spiral staircase
The cool lighting bulbs in creativity
Part of the nicely decoration
How will they serve you soon...
Thanks to the great couple team who has opened this fantastic bar & restaurant cafe. They are Chef Enrique Garcia Fernandez (just call him, Kike his nickname – pronounced “Key-Kay”), hails from Northern Spain who loves to cook with all his full real of passion and Stacee, a Malaysian former advertising executive who recently returned home after a long stint in Shanghai. They are as wonderful partners who look perfect in their own abilities to satisfy us as customers by their professional working in the high class.

You may see Chef Kike who has trained the staffs so good to show what it has into the top 10 qualities of being a great chef
* creativity
* passion
* business sense
* attention to detail
* team player
* practice
* multitask
* commitment to quality
* quick decision
* handle criticism

sounds like Chef RamsayGordon & MasterChefUS 

Look at this how big portion of my luncheon was...

The dish has looked in colourful variations to present me in feeling good before I was going to spoil it awe...

Why? Because it looks so good in loving shapes of European cooking that will melt your heart when you mesmerizing going to oversea but you are able to feel all at here in Malaysia too.

The pumpkin soup has its rich melting in your mouth falling in love at the first sight Nice aromatic smell with its good homemade bread to eat :D

The roasted pumpkin risotto has brought me the tasty in very good appetizing and risotto is hard to cook even more but it won my heart and I knew how risotto looks like for now. And the blue cheese is so strong smell and of course it’s aromatic when eating it together, perfectly for this dish to be cooked. Thumbs up.



Rice Pudding Dessert to taste
The Rice Pudding dessert may look in simplifies. I have never try the rice pudding before and its tasty feel like soft rice to chewable easily. The overall of dessert is not so bad one. Mildly sweet and rice pudding doesn’t not bring any direct condiments, just plainly of course. Just bit of yogurt and milk will do.

Fat Olive is a great place to hang out, its fantastic texture of foodporn they bring to you, its awesome lighting, bulbs, and decoration of interior design they make you the real comfy in creativity and so inspiration! Not only that, they have the great cool teamwork perfectly to groove you in the beautiful dining romantic night can be one of your most favourite to dine in. 

Fat Olive can be found in this links as well, do follow below







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