Thursday, 24 September 2015

D'King Vegetarian Snow Skin Musang Durian Moon cake

I love mooncake and I love to eat mooncake during the season festival this coming 27th September 2015. Mooncake festival is a very beautiful to celebrate indeed. Mooncake is not cheap because it only celebrates once in every year. The Chinese people do celebrate it.  Malaysia is very fortunate country where many multi-racial people, especially the Malays and Indians can taste and enjoy the mooncake together.  We Malaysian do enjoy every culture and its food to know better. Who knows mooncake has become everyone’s favourite in the modern days.
I am glad to get the beautiful packaging design bag and it’s uniquely box that represent the fruit king of Malaysia. Fruit king is yellow in colour. The bag has 2 small cute foam boxes that keep the 8 small mooncakes each inside with the chilly ice tube.
Look how cute they are to you? You will definitely to love and cannot wait to taste the new flavour…
I am introducing a new indulge of special Musang King 

Durian Mooncake are brought to you by D’King today.
Who is D’King? 

How this company D’King to be formed to be in the Malaysia market and internationally?
D’King is the first in the country to offer a premium assortment of Malaysian made Royal Fruits (Durian & Mangosteen) products. Driven by their belief in the true potential of tropical fruits as an international delicacy. D’King brings you only the best of Malaysia to enlighten your taste bud.
Their range of products are meticulously crafted in a high care environment by using top quality ingredients that are exact from the richness Malaysia essence, blended with passion  and sprinkled with innovation. All pieced together to bring about a brand that you can always trust. They are halal certified products. It gives you one of the healthiest options for the great taste that you can ever get. 100% satisfaction.
They offer you an ever expanding range of products for you to choose from. With this mission, they are proud to deliver their exotics local taste to the world.  

When I first saw it, a cute lovely mini mooncake box, I will be carefully to open it and touch the soft floury plain orange in colour that modified the flower décor on it and I do get the bite. What a good flavour, and a strong smell come from the bite to my mouth….DURIAN…DURIAN…DURIAN. The smell has spread out to the living room hall. The durian is so good to be tasted and its flavour has keep its good solid inside especially it does bring the outcome to a mooncake, the new creativity where everyone can eat durian in any shape, concept and change the view and of course we do prefer the original for more.

Faster, faster and faster to BUY and TASTE this good bud before this last order 25th September 2015! Promotional  price is only RM98.00!

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