Thursday, 17 September 2015

my new hobby 

I am so much wanting to do such a good hobby to spend my time besides cooking and blogging. 

How crochet things would attract me?
Well, from the beginning, my mom used to knit few knitting clothes for me when I was quite young. My mom has not only does the knitting but also stitching too.  
My mom has not been in the knitting/ stitching for long time now. 

So how do I make some researches on crocheting information?
Crocheting materials are not that cheap.
Books' instruction mostly is in Japanese.
Expensive hobby.
I try to get some information from my aunt (who is good at this) and been ups & downs on the links I checked online. 
Guess how I get the good deal of buying this materials...

This good popular enough in Johor Bahru,
selling everything includes her own publication book of our mother language, Bahasa Malaysia!
A good with many steps to learn inside.
What a good outsource I have found for myself. 

To me, learning is a process of thing I choose.  

Then I decide to buy?
Affordable price.
for a beginner like me...

RM40 included courier postage 
*Book Kit*
*Crochet Hook*
*Instruction Flyers*
!YES, I got the author's autograph for my book kit!

A good deal, right?

Thanks so much Acik for the lovely and beautiful gift over to me, I appreciate it much indeed. I am very much satisfied by your prompt replies and good delivery on time. 

Those who love for art craft, go for her she knows the best to meet your need.