Friday, 11 September 2015

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A Awesome Blog Made by Mr. Jocko
Do you know who is Mr.Jocko?
Mr.Jocko is a Glamorous Travel Blogger with big talent who loves to travel all the world.
Mr.Jocko is knowns as Rosmadi Bin Shakri who hails from Kelantan. He is also a founder of Bloggers Media.

Wow, his blog on travelogue is in so details and interesting information you will gonna to fall in love in each countries he has visited!

The countries he visited has been so amazing and yet so enchanting that words are to hard to describe! Look at his trip lists to Turkey, Medan, United Arab Emirates and etc you will feel great for wanting to TRAVEL all over the world to be like him.
You can. You do it!

Even his travelling of photographs can describe everything are in there, beautiful with all of his soul he puts his best efforts to amaze you such a thing you will ever remember.

Those who love to travel, here you may go follow him here for the useful tips how his life embarks you all time.

His blog has inspired me much I desired to follow his every step to travel the world to see, touch, taste, love, share and always keep the best memory with me, I will. 

We are all connected by a love for travel!

"Adventure is worthwhile" - AESOP
"Travelling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller" - IBN BATTUTA

Travelling has changes my life where its people, cultural, generation have been my big strength to bring travel influence to everyone includes Mr.Jocko. He is my inspiration. 
How it has brought me to understand a part of travel?

His blog has been published in Majalah LIBUR, Utusan Malaysia, harian Metro to name a few. Read more to go here.
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