Monday, 7 September 2015

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Sunday is a beautiful day to spend with your loves one. How do you spend the day? It could be much fun with your kids bringing out to do some activities and the whole day would be much in joy to know as parents are able to make it together on the rest day. For those are married couples, it would be much ‘crazy’ to do some hunting down for food, travel or something else. It will be goes to the single friends group too.

As I am Penangnite but based in Selangor. I am very much into foodie I am fond so much. Penang has so much food I would eat nonstop. But when it comes to Selangor, I am clueless. Nowhere to go about. Thanks to my friend who has always guide me when I am used to travel to Selangor when I was young. I was not quite remember all those but I remember when I have moved to here, I have to memorize some places to know where its ‘ho chiak’ so someone could bring me to here and there ha ha.

I have always love Char Hor Fun (Penang food name). When I speak the food name to the chef or waiter, KL and Selangor could not get what I have said. It got both of us get in confusion. I was so much in puzzle and could not understand any and why. It is sad when I could not get my favourite food. So I told my family about this and they have informed me all states are different in food name. So I quickly to follow up all the information I cannot hear but read words.

KL/ Selangor food name for Char Hor Fun is Cantonese Hor Fun or Koay Teow Hor Fun, which I just learn in the past few years. Another way, if you want to mix some kind of noodle to Hor Fun like bi hun, it is Cantonese Yee Yong.

Well, there are no many places to find delicious Hor Fun here in Selangor. I found only few that I have been to. It is at Kota Kemuning Coffee Shop same around where Subway shop is at in Shah Alam, Selangor. Other one is pan mee shop at Face to Face, Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam, Selangor does sell loh pan mee soup (it is kinda similar to Hor Fun type) but it adds with vinegar sauce, is also my favourite food. 

A very popular coffee shop where you can find the best in town (Klang Valley) with good choices of food is Restoran Ahwa. They offer us Hokkien Mee (the popular one), Koay Teow Hor Fun, and etc. The place is always full pack of people, I have to wait and find a place to take seat in. Remember always have your patience if you want to get to taste the food here. The location is known as Jalan S222.

Busy Restoran Ahwa cooking for everyone

You can see how they provide us those small bowl plates with our favourite herbal tea ice
The belacan sambal is too good to eat with the dishes we were waiting for...
Let me introduce the food here. Hokkien Mee, the thick black fried noodles that we can see prawns, pork and fish cakes (mixture all over) and Koay Teow Hor Fun, the soft gravy hor fun you can see the watery mixed with eggs and corn-starch having the prawns and vegetable.  They are cooked under the raging fire of the charcoal stove, the outcome is a fragrant and tasty plate of noodles as you see in the pictures. RM 15 per large plate each.

This is Hokkien Mee
This is Koay Teow Hor Fun, gravy one you can see
After finished the dishes, we all feel want to eat other side dish, mm... guess what I got you here the other good food. 

Popiah, a very crispy soft tasty you should try this. This is fresh home made cook you can 
feel the hot to your mouth, tasting how good it is, yummy! Just RM 2.00 per roll, cheap right?

This is pancake
This is Ham + Cheese and  Tuna, Egg, Ham + Cheese pancakes
I am so happy to get my favourite pancake, it is hardly to be found nowaday. In Chinese traditional, you will see a popular pancake that filled with peanuts and butter so crispy and savory

You can find the good and delicious food cheap under RM 15.

Make your way to Restoran Ahwa
66, Jalan 14/48,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan,
Opening Hours : 6.00pm - 2.00am