Thursday, 17 September 2015

movie review
premier screening by KLIPS

Pawn Sacrifice (2014) Poster

In this true story set during the rise of the Cold War, American chess professional Bobby Fischer (Tobey Maguire) finds himself caught between two superpowers when he challenges the Soviet Union and its greatest player, Boris Spassky (Liev Schreiber) for the World Championship.

Tuesday, a night to be my entertainment time where I do enjoyed the movie I won, Pawn Sacrifice which it was talking about Bobby Fisher, true Chess World Champion on a based true story. Bobby Fisher is a real genius little boy where he was trying to get his life to be pointed at. And I was not so good at playing chess. But I learned something from his story that life is unpredictable.

Bobby has worked hard towards getting his goal to be the top Chess World Champion where he always studied chess playing techniques every day alone in a quiet environment he should be on the fully-focused.

He has not been good with his family, especially his mother. It does affect his teenage life. His sister is quite concern on him and make sure he is alright. When it comes to his teen time, he is already enough to know where the world of chess will bring him up to, He is getting richer but it does not make him that really wealth as Spassky is.

By the time when he reached his puberty, he takes two men to be his guards who take care of everything. They will do publicity; call up media and etc that would help Bobby to be the top of all. At the same time, things are getting worse and worst when he has ignored himself to challenge with other chess players that left a quite affective on him that he fear for his safety, spies, and others.

Till he won’t come up for the world champion to challenge world 1st chess player, Spassky where the competition was based in Iceland. It angers people and everybody. One day, he has make up his mind to take the challenge with the same person. He did. Spassky knows that Bobby is not the ordinary person. And he understands Bobby why he did that. And on the very final day, Bobby has special skill where everybody is so surprise that they never see how he plays before. The challenge player, Spassky is surprised too and he has been amazing at Bobby’s techniques how he challenged him so well. And Spassky has finally congratulated him for the great Wold Chess Champion Player.

I admit that once you get into the matter (hobby) spend too much and seriously it will get you nowhere because it is not a healthy. So remember always stay maintain and healthy and play practical in mind where it brings you goodness. So you wont fall to yourself someday.  

Rest In Peace, Mr. Bobby Fisher.

What a lazing way to end my Wednesday yesterday was a really laid off day for me. I was having had busy with myself to get me something work to be done and I really hope my hard work won’t be going to be waste.