Friday, 25 September 2015

The Grand Opening Launch

TEN YEARS Restaurant
The Ten Years Launch Restaurant is having had a grand opening last 2 weeks ago on 10th September 2015, Thursday. Thanks to the Founder of restaurant, Mr. Victor Bong to bring our local Malaysian cuisine to the top of street foods you can ever to find the best.

Malaysia is well-known as food haven, with famous culinary destinations all over the country. From the Char Kuey Teow of Pulau Pinang to Sabah’s Nasi Kuning, Malaysia’s flavours span acorss various states and cultures, a treasure trove for foodies and critics. To enjoy the best of Malaysian cuisine under one roof, the founder Mr.Victor Bong and his business partners thought to establish a specialty restaurant which aims to welcome diners of all ages to savour the nation’s most famous street foods.
- T & T Prawn Mee, Tiger Char Kuey Teow, Yati Nasi Lemak, and Abu Pasembur Rojak -

Menu Book
Beautiful under one roof

The part of Ten Years' interior
Customers to enjoy every part of the newly restaurant 
Looking back to the old day time
Other side of Ten Years Restaurant
The motion of nitey where the Ten Years has launched
Crowd people could not resist the full function night
Berry Cooler...this drink is good to slurp
This is Minty Watermelon...a bit sour to drink it.
Tiger Char Kuey Teow from Penang, the food is not too dry, recommend to have it
Nasi Dagang origins from Terengganu, the tuna fish is good to taste with the small rice 
This is Milo Dinosaur drink. 
Carbonarna Pasta
This is Prawn Mee Laksa...The tasty is not so bad, like Nyonya one.

Wefie time with friendly blogger Ms.Kolin
The wefie of us to go back to the old day time
Yes, how we welcome you to the Ten Years Restaurant...
Visit Ten Years restaurant with your loves one and you will feel good to be in the old day time nostalgic there at,