Thursday, 17 September 2015

cafe restaurant

Tueday a nice dinner I rewarded to myself at Antipodean Midvalley. I have always wanted to try this café restaurant, Antipodean. Just that I don’t have the chance. So yes it is the chance I get now to taste what they look like to feel all about.
The great service I have had is the waiter showed me how they will offer me their menu to look through. Firstly, my phone would be screened up taking the QS Code Antipodean company which they have labelled one of their interior to fit in and secondly, yeah I got their menu inside app. Wow. What a good effective to be used in such way at good high class of English European style.


The waiter is good at writing to tell me which food is good. I am amazed. Thanks for the good patience. So I am easily to go through everything. A beautiful interior design and environment.

……I ordered Mushroom Spinach Carbonrna RM18
< It comes to me in awesome; the decoration, perfect, beautiful and of course it’s so  
   delicious creamy sauce, not too sour but sweet mildly with my favourite Feta Cheese on    
   top. I do really like this so much.> For Pasta Creamy Lover.

……I ordered Lassi Banana Drink RM10
< It awesome me with this beautiful yellow colour small bubbles with ice-blended look like, 
   its sweet and very smoothies in it and recommended one> For Lassi Lover

……My man ordered Milk Shake Strawberry RM10
   Smoothies and the fruit are not too sour> For Strawberry Lover.



Antipodean does really gives me a great scarification in giving their best job to ensure me as a customer a great day to begin with.