Wednesday, 9 September 2015

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(movie review)

It has been a while ago I have watched movie with my love since 2 months ago. Thanks to KLIPS for inviting me and my love again to get chance to GSC 1U for the premier screening movie. And I even booked IN for us.
We both are movie lovers yet still hunting down for food somewhere sometimes at the moment.

My love and I have reached the mall much earlier after the rushing hour. I have always loved to go to the Pet Wonderland shop to see how cutie the animals are. At least I got to say HI to them. Then in few minutes, we both headed to the Popular Store to check some books I want to do some researches.

When the time was about to 8.00pm, we were walking to the Golden Screen Cinema (GSC) and found the KLIPS’ crews to pass on the giveaway tickets to their favourite fans. I was waiting in the line after. 

Here is how the process I got in to collect the tickets.
8pm - to collect the tickets at KLIPS counter
verify name, IC and contact number 

I have collected the nicely designed tickets we chose that seats were offered by KLIPS and tried to win prize but failed. We later took some pictures by them.


While waiting for the call up to cinema hall, we bought some snacks from the GSC. Once the number for our movie hall number has been ‘on’, we went to go in. 

9pm sharply - enter the room hall

Surprising, the seat we chose is quite comfort and big in space. Of course, we like being seated in the first right at the very top row of seats and it is much good to watch the show in front from a far than being placed in the last of seats down there.   

...Synopsis behind The Intern...

70-year-old widower Ben Whittaker has discovered that retirement isn't all it's cracked up to be. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded and run by Jules Ostin.

Interesting game plan? Yes it is because EXPERIENCE NEVER GETS OLD! We live in everyday learning our mistakes and to be the better one. Experience does teach us great lessons.

The old generation has a lot of mindful, knowledge, very rich in business tactics and know how to be the mindful & playful old businessman/ businesswoman. Whiles the young generation is still new, needing mentor guide but full of energy, strong, and yet full of good techniques how to play with the savy technology world. Both at end, needing each other to understand old & young generations to work together BETTER world.    

The movie, THE INTERN trailer has started. From the beginning, I know this is sentimental drama one. I hope it won’t bore my love. The Intern has taught me how to understand in the social media working world. Yet the technology has much changed in the modern century years being compared to the difference to the very old technique fashioned working world. Both have good and bad sides.

It is Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway), the founder and CEO of a fashion based e-commerce company, agrees to a community outreach program where a senior, Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro), will intern at the firm. Both are my favourite actor and actress.  

It would be hard to imagine how a senior staff to work with you in the fast-paced growth up in the business world nowadays. A senior would be left far behind as technology is too much to follow up. But this movie you will see in the change of opinion taking up a senior to be your mentor, the decision would be yours always.

Okay, here it goes with Ben, a retired successful business owner and widower applied for an internship at a fashion website, A-Fit run by Jules, a young, career-driven and married woman with a lovely daughter. Of course, it is rather awkward to work for a young CEO but however, life is a part where you cannot deny. Jules does not like working with senior as she is quite at the opposite knowing senior works as a lame one. This is Cameron’s idea to hire a senior for the company to help Jules to run the company smoothly. Cameron is A-Fit’s staff. On Ben’s first day to work with his full excitement looking at his old working experience years where he would fond to, e.g; get in dress neatly with professional costume, working classic bag and a handkerchief along in the early morning to work punctually. He is well-manner man. The young staffs are surprise to look at him, wondering what it would be like how it goes well. Nevertheless, Ben is so good with Jason, Davis and other guy who are three young man in casual clothes. Ben is like a good friend and ‘father’ to them. They all get along well together as a team. Ben is freak at high-technology in using tools whiles the young boys are teasing him off. But Ben is very much in patience and learning all the processes. Jules has told Ben nothing works to be done for Ben. Ben is like a person who cannot sit quiet and waiting for email to be sent by Jules to him. He comes to office every day without fail. He has observes everything what it goes around at the office. Thus, Ben is taking first step by teaching the young men about business tactics as he’s very much well-experienced man. Day by day, he has tries to win Jules’s heart knowing that he has the potential to be his ‘father’ and best friend. Ben knows what is the best responsibility in a staff  role. So Ben has been Jules’s observant as a driver, cleaner, traffic analysts and much more he can do for her. Later on, Jules has been liking Ben ever since. Ben is whom Jules can trust as a good employee. Ben is always on the side for Jules, Mike (Jules’s husband) and their daughter. Jules has come to understand Ben as a staff, very well-organized person and understanding and he knows better than the young adult Jules who barely knows about business things. At the opposite, Ben has been amazing by Jules’ charming, intelligent, driven-passion working hard career woman who making end meet for her wonderful family and she is so bold and yet loving person. Both has the best worlds. Learning is a process in life.

I love this movie so much every part of the movie is pretty good hilarious one and I could not stop laughing out loud at one of the scene where the guys are in stuck helplessly to get in car fast to escape from Jules’s mother house. Everyone has good laughter all the night, I am happy for that.

The Intern helps me and my love to de-stressing away from all too much headaches from work and home. We both really enjoyed the show. 

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