Monday, 28 September 2015


What a good time to go home after many months since I last witnessed my cousin has got married. I knew it was a public holiday to celebrate the Raya Haji. I did not expect that it would be a packed week off. I bought an ETS Train at KLSentral in a short notice and found that all tickets were sold out. So I have no ticket for return. What a big sigh!

I bought the ETS Train after a quick study on the price and its condition on blog and comments from friends. At Kl Sentral, I could ask for few Q&A. There I got disabled price 50% discount for OKU(Orang Kurang Upaya) for purchasing my ETS Train. It is only RM34.00 for one way to get home. How good is the price! And of course is my first time taking train home.

Took gold class ETS train homebound from south, KL Sentral to the north Butterworth in the good speed 4hrs off to reach the destination despite of many pit stopovers. Good experience in the wholesome new journey that offers by KTM Malaysia. Hello my Penang home!

Upon on the day, after my work I can finally go home. At KL Sentral, I was like waiting for the boarding time at least about 30 minutes before the departure. So when the gate has opened, many of us passengers walked quickly to get down boarding the train. It was a quick glimpse I luckily noticed the coach train that show its sign, ‘D’. It was mismatching colours I could not see clearly. I would comment here that the colour for the sign should be so bold and clear or bright that matching to the train colour. I suggest for red colour.

After I boarded the train, I have looked for my seat. Everything is new. The problem is there is no phone charger where I could not charge my phone during the long journey. May be it is at another coach train. And the restroom is not in the coach train but to other coach train which is more further from my place. And good thing, I brought home cooked salad to eat in the train, saving my cost.

During the long hours, I was feeling so cold, like the winter. I recalled back to my travelling backpacker in oversea where I do experienced long hours on train. I could not see anything through the window but it was a pretty quiet night I only could see many pit stopovers at train stations. Founding that the train has announced the place for stopping but to me, I could not hear the speaking audience or any sub online on TV. It was bad for me as a Deaf person could not get any special attention for this case. However, thanked to my eyes that I could see the train stations that have the sign board to show where the train stops at.

Once I get passed by other train that brought a strong high in echo to my ears, ouch! A short pain. It is like I take the high fly above in the skies. Overall, I was like sitting boring and get connected to my friends to pick me up from the Butterworth where the train will last stop its destination. It was a quiet late night I traveled all alone, feeling like I am nobody else.

Yeah, finally 4 hours long journey has been my up and a good speed at about like 80-120 kph. I was impatient to get out from the cold train and met my friends. And I have landed my home island, Penang. 

ETS Train is the best option you would be going for. Why?
Price is cheap, travel safe and fast.
Food cate is in too.